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Dr Holly Porter

Dr Holly Porter, Justice & Security Research ProgrammeResearch Fellow
Department of International Development

Lead Researcher (Northern Uganda)
Justice and Security Research Programme


Dr Holly Porter is a research fellow at the Department of International Development and lead researcher for northern Uganda for the Justice and Security Research Programme, also based in the department. She holds a PhD in International Development from the LSE. 

Previously, she has worked in South Sudan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, and Palestine in the fields of access to justice, gender-based violence, transitional justice, peacebuilding and human rights.

Research interests

Dr Porter's research focuses on gender, sexual violence, social healing and justice, particularly on women’s experiences after rape in northern Uganda, where she has lived and worked since 2005.


After Raper Holly Porter

Porter, Holly. 2016. After rape: violence, justice and social harmony in Uganda. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 

Journal Articles

Macdonald, Anna and Holly Porter. (2016). The trial of Thomas Kwoyelo: opportunity or spectre? Reflections from the ground on the first LRA prosecution. Africa. 86 (4): 698-722. 

Porter, Holly E. (2015). 'After rape: Comparing civilian and combatant perpetrated crime in northern Uganda', Women’s Studies International Forum, 51 (2015): 81-90 [DOI]

Porter, Holly E. (2015). '"Say no to bad touches": Schools, sexual identity and sexual violence in northern Uganda', International Journal of Educational Development, 41. [DOI]

Porter, Holly E. (2015). 'Mango trees, offices and altars: the role of relatives, NGOs and churches after rape in northern Uganda', International Journal for Minority and Group Rights, 22 (3): 309-334.

Porter, Holly (2012). 'Justice and Rape on the Periphery: the supremacy of social harmony in the space between local solutions and formal judicial systems in northern Uganda', Journal of Eastern African Studies, 6 (1): 81-97.


Other Publications

Porter, Holly E. (forthcoming). '"Human Rights People" & "Home People": Why so many women do not utilize services after rape in northern Uganda'. In Pursuing Justice in Africa, edited by George Karekwaivanane and Jessica Johnson. Ohio University Press, Athens, Ohio.

Porter, Holly E. and Rebecca Tapscott (2014). '(In)Security groups and governance in Gulu Uganga'. Justice and Security Research Programme.

Porter, Holly (2013). After Rape: Justice and social harmony in northern Uganda.
PhD Thesis. London School of Economics and Political Science.

Hopwood, Julian, and Holly E. Porter (2011). 'At least now we feel the pain: women and justice in Karamoja, Uganda'. United Nations Women and War Child Canada: Kampala, Uganda.

Allen, Tim, F. Laker, H. Porter and M. Schomerus (2010). 'A Kind of Peace and an Exported War'.  In The Lord’s Resistance Army: Myth and reality, edited by Tim Allen and Koen Vlassenroot. Zed Books: London, UK.

Porter, Holly E. Dean Peachey, et al (2008). Path to non-violence: a training package for war-affected youth - transforming themselves and their community. European Union: Gulu, Uganda.

Contact details

Email: h.e.porter@lse.ac.uk