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Sean joined the department as a Teaching Fellow in 2007. Since then he has managed the consulting project component of the MSc degree in Development Management. He was a PhD Research Fellow with the DfID-funded Crisis States Research Centre from 2006-2010. Sean's thesis, ‘Urbanization and African Development’, explores the history and political economy of urban development in Sub-Saharan Africa utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methods. He has worked as an adviser on urban poverty and development issues for UN-Habitat, CARE International, Oxfam GB and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Sean earned a BA in Economics and a BA in Literature from the University of California Santa Cruz, and an MSc in Development Management from the LSE.

Research interests

  • Urbanization and urban development;
  • conflict and violence;
  • fragile states;
  • population dynamics;
  • political economy of institutions and governance;
  • decentralisation;
  • African development.


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Conferences & Presentations

  • Urban Conflicts Conference, Queen's University Belfast, May 2011. Invited panellist on the World Bank WDR 2011 sponsonsored roundtable on Cities, Conflict and Development.
  • International Political Science Association / European Consortium of Political Research, Sao Paulo, February 2011. 'Political Order, Social Development and Social Violence'.
  • UN-Habitat, Nairobi. "Cities and Fragile States" (June 2010).
  • 60th Political Studies Association Annual Conference, Edinburgh. "The Political and Economic Origins of Africa's 'Urban Crisis'" (March 2010)
  • Centre for the Study of African Economies, University of Oxford,. "On the origins and consequences of slums" (March 2008)
  • World Bank Urban Symposium. "Blue Cities: Encompassing Governance, Urban Integration and Economic Performance" (May, 2007).
  • Royal Institute of British Architects. "Cities and International Development" (March 2007)

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