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Bursaries and Financial Support

To apply for a bursary (or part bursary) please fill in this form|. These bursaries are open to all to apply.

The Department of International Development is also creating an ongoing bursary for students from the developing world to attend Cumberland Lodge.

 For this, we are using the departmental funding provided to us as part of the generous funding from Firoz and Najma Lalji to the Programme for African Leadership. The Department will contact all eligible applicants following registration.

The bursaries are intended to ensure that students are not prevented from applying and accessing the valuable experience of the Cumberland Lodge as a result of their inability to fund the extra costs.

There is also additional funding available from the Staples Trust. More information about who is eligible and how to apply can be found here.|

Please be aware that students must register for the workshop and pay the full registration fee via the LSE eshop prior to consideration for either of these bursaries.