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A World Parliament: government and democracy in the 21st century

When: Wednesday 11 March 2020


Andreas Bummel, Director of Democracy Without Borders and the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

Theresa Squatrito, Assistant Professor in International Relations, LSE

Chair: Mathias Koenig-ArchibugiAssociate Professor (Reader) in Global Politics, LSE

Global challenges such as war, poverty, inequality and climate change are overwhelming nation-states and today’s international institutions. Can the creation of a democratic world parliament help achieve a peaceful, just and sustainable world community?

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LSE Festival 2020: Shape The World
Propaganda and Democratic Resistance

When: Wednesday 4 March 2020

Dr Shakuntala Banaji, associate professor of media and communications, LSE
Darren Moon, Senior Learning Technologist in the LSE Eden Centre for Education Enhancement
Peter Pomerantsev, senior fellow in the Institute for Global Affairs, LSE

Chair: Professor William Callahan, Professor of International Relations, LSE

This round table brought together experts on propaganda and the Internet to explore the populist problem presented by “fake news” – and how we can resist it.

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The Susan Strange Lecture 2020:
The International Political Economy: sources of nuclear proliferation

When: Thursday 13 February 2020

Speaker: Professor Etel Solingen, the Thomas T. and Elizabeth C. Tierney Chair in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of California Irvine and the Susan Strange Visiting Professor, 2019-20 at LSE.

Chair: Professor Karen E Smith, Professor of International Relations, LSE

The 2020 Susan Strange lecture paid tribute to Professor Strange's contributions by focusing on the international political economy dimensions of nuclear choices, for or against nuclear weapons.

Whereas relative power and security dilemmas have dominated the study of nuclear proliferation for decades, an approach centered on the "cui bono" (who benefits) question reveals how domestic distributional implications related to the global economy have systematic effects on states’ nuclear choices.

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The Pentagon's Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Climate Change and War

Hosted by LSE's Shape the World Series

When: Wednesday 29 January 2020

Speaker: Professor Neta C Crawford, professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science at Boston University

The Pentagon was a leader, in the 1980s and 1990s, in United States in recognizing climate change as a looming security concern. The DOD has thus prepared for climate change with plans for responding to climate caused disruption to operations. The DoD is also predicting and preparing for climate change caused war. What are the security threats that will flow from climate change? Is ‘climate war’ inevitable?  

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