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  • CIS Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi was invited to speak on “UK Trade Priorities post-Brexit” at the City Week annual conference held at Guildhall on 23rd April 2018. Watch the video
  • CIS Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi was interviewed by the BBC for his views on current US China 'trade war'. Watch the video
  • The deadline for appointments to the CIS for the academic year 2018-2019 is Friday 7 September 2018. More information.
  • On the occasion of the CIS 50th Anniversary celebration, current CIS Director, Dr Kirsten Ainley presented the Fred Halliday Postdoctoral Fellowship initiative. More information
  • On the occasion of the CIS 50th Anniversary celebration, current CIS Director, Dr Kirsten Ainley, presented a book written by Dr Aaron McKeil with the support of former CIS Directors and LSE faculty, recollecting the history of the Centre. Read the e-version: The LSE Centre for International Studies. A History: 1967-2017.


  • CIS Fellow Immi Tallgren is co-directing the workshop 'Histories of International Criminal Law: Authors' Workshop', taking place in London on 7-8 December 2017. 
  • The deadlines to apply for a visiting appointment in the CIS 2017-18 are:

    Friday 22 September 2017
    Monday 18 December 2017

    More information

  • CIS Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi was interviewed by the BBC for his views on US President Donald Trump's 12-day, 5-nation trip of Asia and its implications for trade, security and geo-economics. Watch the video and read an Op-Ed that he authored on the subject. 
  • CIS Visiting Fellow Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués visited the College of Europe on 20th October 2017 for the International Workshop on Civil Society in the ENP. She participated in a roundtable on Institutional Safeguards for a Strong Civil Society.
  • CIS Visiting Fellow Lutfey Siddiqi talks ‘Singapore is a great Brexit model, but is Britain up to the job?’ in new op-ed for The Telegraph

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  • CIS Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi was quoted in the New York Times today for his outlook on the US dollar in light of geo-political risk.

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  • CIS Visiting Fellow Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués will be giving a paper on 'Sovereignty in the Arab world: A hybrid between Westphalia and Islam?' at this year's European International Studies Association (EISA) conference in Barcelona, on 13-16 September 2017.

    Elisabeth will also convene a panel on 'EU foreign and security policy in a Contested World Order: Normative contestation within and beyond the European Union'.

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  • The LSE International Studies Book Series, a joint venture between the CIS and Cambridge University Press, will be launched soon. This exciting new series will publish work that is transdisciplinary, international in scope and relevant to contemporary political challenges. Manuscripts are currently being solicited for the series.

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  • CIS Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi was invited to speak at The Economist's Impact Investing Conference in London on 15 June 2017, on the relative role of private capital versus non-profit forces in averting climate change.

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  • CIS Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi discusses how risk managers face the digital revolution in new blog post for LSE Business Review.

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  • New working paper from CIS Visiting Professor Linda Hantrais on 'The Social Dimension in EU and UK Policy Development: Shaping the Post-Brexit Legacy'.

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  • CIS Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi was interviewed on CNBC, 10th April 2017, on Brexit negotiations and implications for financial markets.

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  • CIS Visiting Fellow Yulia Netesova talks "Trump and Putin: Populists of a Feather?" in new article for The National Interest.

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  • CIS Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi joined former UK Education Secretary Michael Gove and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in a debate on "National versus Global values" at the Global Skills and Education Forum 2017 in Dubai last week. 

  • The winner of the 2017 Global Teacher Prize was also announced at the event.

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  • CIS Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi delivered a keynote address to the CFA Society on Challenges in Global Macro Investing.

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  • CIS Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi hosted a roundtable with the Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 20th February 2017. The 50-strong audience was curated for diversity - touching on topics of leadership, conflict and inclusion.

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  • The CIS is delighted to welcome two new Visiting Fellows, Dr. Jing Qiu and Dr. Amrita Saha.

    Qiu has joined the CIS to work on 'International Law and Human Rights', and Amrita will be working on her project 'Political Economy of Trade Policy: Lobbying Strategies, Two-Level Games & Trade Protection in Developing Countries'.

  • CIS Visiting Fellow and British Academy Fellow Martin J. Bayly visits the University of Cambridge South Asian Studies Centre this week to discuss 'New Frontiers: Reworking the International History of the Afghanistan-Pakistan Borderlands' with Dr. Elisabeth Leake.

    On 21 February 2017, Martin will also visit The Sigure Centre for Asian Studies at the Elliott School of International Affairs to discuss his most recent book 'Taming the Imperial Imagination'.

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  • CIS Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi was interviewed in Davos last week by Indian TV ET Now and Indonesian TV Jakarta Globe on the subject of economic outlook, risks and globalisation. He also spoke to Hub Culture on the theme of “Responsive & Responsible Leadership” accompanied by an article titled “Leadership in a Tumble Dryer” for the World Economic Forum.

    The Forum also re-posted a write-up on the LSE event “Beyond Tolerance” with an embedded link to the official Davos session on Tolerance.

  • Congratulations to Dr Kirsten Ainley, who has been awarded funding from the ESRC for a new strategic network on justice, conflict and development. Hosted by the CIS, this network will focus on one of the main ways in which states and the international community now approach conflict resolution.

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  • The CIS is pleased to announce the return of Dr. Daniel Ritter as a Visiting Fellow. Daniel is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Stockholm University, and will work on the project 'The Outcomes of Revolutions: Pathway to Democracy?' during his time here.

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  • E-International Relations interviewed CIS Visiting Senior Fellow, Giorgio Shani, who offers his take on human security and post-coloniality, religion in the context of current developments in the West, the economic crisis and post-liberalism.

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  • Podcast now available for last week's CIS and LSE SU Emerging Markets Forum Public Conversation with Argentina's Minister of Education, Esteban Bullrich.

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  • Visiting Senior Fellow Immi Tallgren recently co-organised an international workshop with Frédéric Mégret (Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, McGill University and a McGill Dawson scholar) at the Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights, University of Helsinki.

    This workshop, which took place on 7-8 December 2016, brought together a range of contributors on their forthcoming research project, 'The Dawn of a Discipline: International Criminal Justice and its Early Exponents'.

  • In January, the Academy of Social Science’s International Advisory Group, chaired by CIS Visiting Professor Linda Hantrais FAcSS, is launching a new series of five half-day seminars exploring 'International and Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives on Evidence-Based Policy'.

    This new series will serve as a forum at which participants from different national and disciplinary perspectives discuss and develop ideas for articles in themed issues of journals. The seminars will take the form of ‘conversations’ between researchers and policy advisers/users, followed by group discussions.

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    Download flyer [PDF]

  • CIS Visiting Professor Giorgio Shani has been invited to Jamia Millia Islamia (A Central University), New Delhi, India, to participate in the commencement of the Global Initiative of Academic Network (GIAN).

    This network is an initiative from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, where national and international participants will get an opportunity to seek knowledge and experience through intensive study of subjects taught by reputed international faculty.

    Giorgio will be delivering lectures on 'Advanced Studies in Security' throughout December 2016.

  • Following 'Beyond Tolerance: Citizenship, Diversity, Constructive Conflict', Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi writes 'Ignore trolls, embrace constructive conflict. How to lead in intolerant times' for the World Economic Forum.

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  • CIS Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi was interviewed by BBC World Service on 22nd November on the likely withdrawal of the US from TPP and its impact on Asia.

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  • CIS Visiting Professor-in-Practice Lutfey Siddiqi was invited to chair a panel on "The Legacy of Mega Sporting Events" at the World Economic Forum held in conjunction with the Government of Japan in Tokyo on 21st October 2016.

    Panellists include Mr. Naheed Nenshi (Mayor of Calgary) and Ms. Cho Yoon-Sun (Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, South Korea).

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  • CIS Visiting Fellow and British Academy Fellow Martin J. Bayly discusses 'My winning proposal: A different approach to India's history' for Research Professional.

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  • The CIS are pleased to introduce two new members joining in October; Visiting Fellow and British Academy Fellow Martin J. Bayly, and Visiting Senior Fellow Robyn Eckersley.

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  • CIS Visiting Professor in Practice Lutfey Siddiqi delivered a keynote address at The 2nd Annual ASEAN Regulatory Summit on 1 September 2016. Hosted by Thomson Reuters, the summit welcomed Lutfey to discuss 'Global Financial Regulation and its implications for ASEAN'.

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  • CIS Visiting Professor in Practice Lutfey Siddiqi joined the Straits Times’ Future Economy Roundtable in Singapore in August. The roundtable series fed into the Singapore government’s Committee on the Future Economy (CFE).

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  • On 14 July 2016, CIS Fellows Linda Hantrais and Ashley Lenihan organised a workshop to discuss International Social Research Training Needs.

    Research managers and policy advisers in government departments and agencies, think tanks, survey organisations, social research institutions, the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology, What Works Centres and other non-academic institutions were invited to explore the issues raised in accessing, analysing and interpreting international data, and brokering knowledge transfer between researchers and policymakers.

    The training needs identified at the workshop will form the basis for proposals for different forms of training provision to be delivered over the next 18 months in London and the regions.

  • CIS Fellows Linda Hantrais and Ashley Lenihan have published a CIS Working Paper on 'The Implications of the EU Referendum for UK Social Science: Post-referendum Options for UK Social Scientists'.

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  • CIS Fellow Ashley Lenihan, and co-author Sharon Witherspoon, have article 'UK social science will be dealt a serious blow by Brexit' published on the Guardian Online.

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  • CIS Fellow Giorgio Shani was a programme chair at the 2016 ISA Asia Pacific Conference in Hong Kong. Taking place 25-27 June, the conference investigated the ways in which IR (as both practice and theory) is being transformed in the Asia-Pacific. It was a great success, and the largest in the region's history, with over 400 attendees.

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  • On June 10 2016, Tomila Lankina organised a workshop on Citizen Preferences, Political Mobilization, Institutional Change, and Regime Stability in Russia and Ukraine.  The workshop received generous funding from the British Academy (Mid-Career Fellowship awarded to Tomila Lankina), the CIS, and the LSE International Relations Department. Sophie Wise, the IRD's events manager, provided excellent organisational support for the event.

    The one-day workshop brought together leading scholars of Russia and Ukraine who have conducted rigorous empirical research of relevance to the Euromaidan protests, the war in the Donbas and the ongoing crisis in relations between Russia and Ukraine.

    More information [PDF]

  • CIS Fellow Dr. David Rampton published A long view of liberal peace and its crisis, with co-author Suthaharan Nadarajah, in the European Journal of International Relations (OnlineFirst).

  • Tomila Lankina launched a website for her research project “Political Mobilization and Democracy”. The project was part-funded by the CIS and developed in collaboration with CIS Fellow Yulia Netesova. The project investigates the dynamics of popular mobilization in Russia and Eurasia.

  • CIS Fellow Dr. Ludovica Marchi published The EU’s Role in Developing Security Cooperation with Myanmar at the ASEAN Regional Forum: 2004-2008 in the journal European Security.