Law, Ethics and Politics Group (LEAP)


The LEAP group provides a forum for intellectual exchange between faculty and students from around the LSE, and more widely, via a speaker programme, a discussion group on draft publications produced by members of the group and biannual workshops.


Kirsten Ainley 

Stephen Humphreys 

Gerry Simpson


The relationships between international law, politics and ethics have been the subject of a rich scholarship, particularly over the last fifteen years. Questions about the influence of state power over law, and vice versa; the extent to which international society is being constitutionalized through international law; the ethical and political functions of the human rights regime, war crimes trials and the Responsibility to Protect process; and the role of legal practices and institutions in enabling peace, democracy and development on the one hand, or conflict, domination and inequality on the other are all concerned to interrogate the interactions between law, politics and ethics.  These questions can be approached from conventional legal and IR perspectives, but also in critical and creative ways through consideration, for instance, of representation of the issues in media discourse and the arts. Through its activities, the LEAP group aims to nurture interdisciplinary work through engagement with cutting edge research at the intersections of international law, ethics and politics and to facilitate and produce research outputs.

2016 Workshop on International Criminal Justice on/ and Film:

This workshop examined the politics and ethics of war crimes trials and their representations through the media. Full details are available here:

Workshop on International Criminal Justice on/ and Film 2016 [PDF]


Kirsten Ainley on k.a.ainley@lse.ac.uk