CIS research

The Centre for International Studies is primarily a home for visiting fellows to conduct independent research. However, the Centre supports a small number of larger research projects, and the LSE faculty affiliated to the Centre are active in a wide range of research activities.

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ESRC Strategic Network on Justice, Conflict and Development


The ESRC Strategic Network on Justice, Conflict and Development is funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund and based at the LSE Centre for International Studies. The network brings together scholars and practitioners in transitional justice (TJ) to interrogate the impacts of  TJ upon conflict-affected and transitioning societies, with particular reference to the political economy of justice programmes. The Principal Investigator on the network is Dr Kirsten Ainley, Department of International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science.

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Beyond Tolerance Group


A networking group within the Centre for International Studies. Open to anyone, anywhere - subject to registration.

Following on from the "Beyond Tolerance" event held at LSE on 25th November 2016, speakers, attendees and supporters have expressed a desire to stay engaged on the topic, dive deeper into sub-topics and help create movement on actionable ideas.

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Law, Ethics and Politics Group (LEAP)


The LEAP group provides a forum for intellectual exchange between faculty and students from around the LSE, and more widely, via a speaker programme, a discussion group on draft publications produced by members of the group and biannual workshops.

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History and Theory in International Relations

Globe in room 16-9 747x420

This research group supports researchers at the LSE (and beyond) who work on ‘History and Theory in International Relations’ broadly construed. It seeks both to raise the profile of historical work in IR and to deepen the historical sensibility of IR scholarship more generally.

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The International Social Research Training Project


The International Social Research Training Project was a joint activity of the Centre for International Studies in co-operation with the Social Research Association. The programme was funded by the ESRC under their Researcher Development Initiative, co-ordinated by Dr John Kent and Dr Steen Mangen on behalf of the CIS, and delivered between 2010 and 2012 by Professors Julia Brannen and Linda Hantrais as academic consultants, and Dr David Filipović-Carter as professional facilitator.

Training for International Social Research [PDF]