CIS articles and media

This list includes links to recent and forthcoming articles, book chapters and media publications by CIS Fellows. Please note, CIS staff publications are not listed here. If you are interested in the publications of a particular faculty member, please follow links on their staff profile.



"EU and Turkey on same side against US", The EU Observer, 24 August 2018 Bugra Susler
"The Politics of Walls: Barriers, Flows and the Sublime", Review of International Studies, Volume 44, Issue 3, 2018 William A. Callahan
"China Bound, 1964", a short film about what it was like to be an English teacher in Beijing in 1964-66, Los Angeles Review of Books, 2018 Bill Callahan
Themed Issued: Sustaining natural resources in a changing environment, Contemporary Social Science, Volume 13, Number 1, March 2018. Download the executive summary here Guest edited by Linda Hantrais, Ruth Kattumuri and Ashley Thomas Lenihan
"Uncovering Justice and Development Linkages", Justice, Conflict and Development, 29 January 2018 Alan Kenaan, Mohamed Sesay, Chandra Lekham Sriram
"Understanding the relationship between justice and development in conflict-affected countries", Justice, Conflict and Development, 29 January 2018 Kirsten Ainley
 "Confronting the macroeconomic challenges of the fourth industrial revolution", LSE Business Review, 17 January 2018 Lutfey Siddiqi
"The EU's ontological (in)security: Stabilising the ENP area...and the EU-self?", Cooperation and Conflict, 9 January 2018 Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués
"Perceptions of the European Neighbourhood Policy and of its values and norms promotion" in the Routledge Handbook on the European Neighborhood Policy, edited by Tobias Schumacher, Andreas Marchetti, Thomas Demmelhuber.  Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués


"Cultivating Power: Gardens in the Global Politics of Diplomacy, War and Peace", International Political Sociology, Volume 11, Issue 4, 2017 William A. Callahan
"Human Security as Ontological Security: A Postcolonial Approach", Postcolonial Studies, Volume 20, Issue 3, 2017 Giorgio Shani
"Watching Tokyo Trial", London Review of International Law, Volume 5, Issue 2, 1 July 2017 Immi Tallgren
"Managing risk in the age of disruption", LSE Business Review, 2 June 2017 Lutfey Siddiqi
“A Spirit of Maidan? Contentious Escalation in Ukraine.” In Global Diffusion of Protest: Riding the Protest Wave in the Neoliberal Crisis, edited by D. della Porta. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. Daniel Ritter
"Trump and Putin: Populists of a Feather?", The National Interest, 28 March 2017 Yulia Netesova
On the Prospects of Second Arab Spring.” Mobilizing Ideas, 27 March 2017 Daniel Ritter
"Interview - Giorgio Shani", E-International Relations, 2 January 2017 Giorgio Shani


"Ignore trolls, embrace constructive conflict. How to lead in intolerant times", World Economic Forum, 30 November 2016 Lutfey Siddiqi
"TTP, the US and Asia", BBC World News, 22 November 2016 Lutfey Siddiqi
"Le rôle de la protection sociale dans la compensation des inégalités
économiques entre femmes et hommes après divorce : une analyse comparative", Revue de droit sanitaire et social, 5, septembre-octobre 2016, pp. 885–903. 
Linda Hantrais
"My winning proposal: A different approach to India's history"Research Professional, 22 September 2016 Martin J. Bayly
"Jackson Hole: what the world needs from the Fed", World Economic Forum, August 25 2016 Lutfey Siddiqi
"ST Future Economy Roundtable: 3 Risks and positive trends for Asia", The Straits Times, August 21 2016 Lutfey Siddiqi
"ST Future Economy Roundtable: Is Asia ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?", The Straits Times, August 21 2016 Lutfey Siddiqi
"ST Future Economy Roundtable: The outlook is bright but for a few worry lines", The Straits Times, August 21 2016 Lutfey Siddiqi
"Religion as Security: An introduction", Critical Studies on Security, August 22 2016 Giorgio Shani
"What Does It Mean to Be Conservative in Russia?The National Interest, August 10 2016 Yulia Netesova
"Why Unarmed Revolutions Overthrow Some Dictators But Not Others.” The Monkey Cage, 13 May 2016 Daniel Ritter
"Regional Migration Governance", in Tanja A. Börzel, Thomas Risse (eds.): The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Regionalism, Oxford University Press, 2016, pp. 457-486 Ross Buchanan, Flavia Jurje, Terri E. Givens and Sandra Lavenex
"A long view of liberal peace and its crisis", European Journal of International Relations(OnlineFirst) Suthaharan Nadarajah and David Rampton
 "The rise of governments in global oil governance: Historical dynamics, transaction cost economics, and contemporary implications", Energy Research & Social Science, 17, pp. 82-93 Michael Sander
"Transnational Actors and Great Powers during Order Transition", International Studies Perspectives, 17(3), pp. 287-306 Maximilian Terhalle