Beyond Tolerance Group

A networking group within the Centre for International Studies. Open to anyone, anywhere - subject to registration.


Following on from the "Beyond Tolerance" event held at LSE on 25th November 2016, speakers, attendees and supporters have expressed a desire to stay engaged on the topic, dive deeper into sub-topics and help create movement on actionable ideas.


The group is run by Lutfey Siddiqi.


We face a multitude of potential forces that threaten to stretch our social fabric, picking at our biases and unwinding our seams of diversity. In addition, we seem to have become rusty at constructive conflict — succumbing to polar binaries as lazy alternatives to mutual understanding. On that backdrop, we take the view that 1) a proactive pursuit of diversity and enhanced engagement in constructive conflict can help avert the more destructive kind, 2) showcasing role-models from perceived minorities can counter beliefs of exclusion, and 3) novel approaches are required to counter the roots of polarised conflict and “immunize” communities against exploitative extremism — secular or religious.


We will convene both virtually and in periodic workshops and events in multiple locations. We will curate and distribute knowledge on what has been tried, what works, what doesn't to policy-makers, businesses and social enterprise. All ideas welcome.

2016 Conference

For inspiration and follow-up action, check out the links to the LSE event, 25th November 2016:


If you would like more details of the group, please contact Lutfey Siddiqi or join the Beyond Tolerance Facebook group.