Dr Geoff Goodwin

Dr Geoff Goodwin

LSE Fellow

Department of International Development

About me

Geoff Goodwin is a LSE Fellow in International Development. He holds a MA in Economics from the University of Leeds and a PhD in Political Economy from University College London. He also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education and is Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  Prior to joining the department, he taught Latin American Economics at University College London and was Research Associate at FLACSO-Quito.

Research interests include land, water, rural/urban linkages, community organisation, social movements, state-society relations and critical pedagogy. Theoretical interests include decommodification, coproduction and autonomy.

He has spent the last few years investigating rural community water management in the Ecuadorian Andes. This study builds on his doctoral research which explored the relationship between land reform, land markets and indigenous communities in the region. He is currently planning to extend his research on land and water into Colombia and Peru.

Geoff currently teaches DV407: Poverty and DV450: Policy, Bureaucracy and Development. He has previously taught DV433: Informal Economy and Development and DV431: Development Management.

Selected publications

  • Goodwin, G, (2018) ‘Rethinking the Double Movement: Expanding the Frontiers of Polanyian Analysis in the Global South’, Development and Change, May 2018

  • Goodwin, G, (2017) ‘The Quest to Bring Land under Social and Political Control: Land Reform Struggles of the Past and Present in Ecuador’, Journal of Agrarian Change, 17 (3): 571-93

  • Goodwin, G (2016), ‘Reforma agraria a pesar del estado: Las luchas indígenas por la tierra en la sierra ecuatoriana,’ in Cottyn, H et al (eds) (2016), Las luchas sociales por la tierra en América Latina: Un análisis histórico, comparativo y global, pp. 79-82

  • Goodwin, G (2016), Review of Figueroa, A (2015), ‘Growth, Employment, Inequality and the Environment (Volumes I & II)’, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, Vol. 17, No. 4, pp. 606-7

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  • Arestis P, Goodwin, G and Sawyer, M, (2007)¿Funciona en la práctica la consolidación fiscal?’, in Mántey, G. and Levy, N. (eds.) (2007), Políticas macroeconómicas para países en desarrollo, pp. 267-301