Science Po University Paris

LSE-Sciences Po Seminar in Contemporary International History

The Cold War Studies Project at LSE IDEAS, the Department of International History at LSE, and the Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po in Paris co-organise the joint LSE-Sciences Po Seminar in Contemporary International History (HY510).



The seminar welcomes presentations on any aspect of contemporary international history, with a focus on the Cold War.

Attend the seminar 

The seminar is open to all PhD students and staff at both LSE and Sciences Po. We also welcome outside participants: if you would like to take part in the seminar, please e-mail the course organiser, stating your affiliation and area of research.

Download papers

Seminar participants can download papers for each seminar here. (login required)


2018-2019 Programme at LSE

Sessions will be held in rooms 9.04 or 9.05, Tower 2, Clement’s Inn (LSE Campus, opposite LSE IDEAS), from 4-6 pm (London time).

Michaelmas Term

Wednesday 10 October

Ten Texan Evangelicals in Rome. Religion, Micro-History and the Global Cold War

Speaker: Prof Mario Del Pero (Sciences Po)

Wednesday 31 October

"Practically an Honorary African": Canada, the Afro-Asian ‘bloc,’ and Rhodesia’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence, 1963-1966

Speaker: Daniel Manulak (University of Western Ontario/Cambridge)

Wednesday 14 November

Prime Minister Olof Palme, Sweden, and the Vietnam War: A Diplomatic History

Speaker: Dr Lubna Qureshi (H-Diplo / University of California, Berkeley)

Wednesday 28 November

Britain and the European Community, 1 January 1973 – 5 June 1975: Policy, Party-Politics and Public Opinion

Speaker: Dr Lindsay Aqui (University of Cambridge)

Wednesday 5 December

The Fog of War: India, the Suez Canal Crisis & the Hungarian Revolution, 1956

Speaker: Dr Swapna Kona Nayudu (LSE IDEAS / Harvard University)

2018-2019 Programme at Sciences Po

All sessions will be held at the Centre d’Histoire, Sciences Po, 56 Rue Jacob, 5-7 pm (Paris time). 

Michaelmas Term

Wednesday 26 September

Israel in the American Mind

Speaker: Dr Shaul Mitelpunkt (University of York)

Wednesday 24 October

An “Exceedingly Delicate and Extraordinarily Difficult Undertaking”: Cold War Diplomacy and China’s Reintegration into Globalised Science, 1966-1978 

Speaker: Dr Pete Millwood (LSE / University of Oxford)

Wednesday 28 November

Black Internationalism and the Cold War: A. Philip Randolph and the Politics of Anti-Colonialism, Anti-Fascism & Anti-Communism

Speaker: Prof Eric Arnesen (George Washington University)

Wednesday 12 December

State of Emergency, Citizens and Foreigners: Legacies of WWI in the Interwar Period

Speaker: Prof Gia Caglioti (University of Naples Federico II)