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The latest from LSE IDEAS Director Michael Cox.

Interesting times demand we keep our analytical heads - and if the several dark clouds up in the sky have a silver lining of sorts it is that there has never been more need as there is now for what serious 'experts' have to say about this turbulent place we call planet Earth

Michael Cox
  • 27 March: How do Russia tensions compare to Soviet era? Quoted in this BBC News story.
  • 27 March: Spoke at LSE IDEAS-Open University event Nuclear Diplomacy in the Second Cold War and LSE European Institute event The Future of Europe After Brexit. 
  • 14-16 March: Attended European Think Tank Summit in Berlin, speaking on the opening panel Europe at a Crossroads: Think Tanks A Cat-alyst for Change, Consensus and Cohesion.
  • 23rd Feburary: Speaking on William Beveridge and LSE at the LSE Festival: Beveridge 2.0 event A Beveridge Plan for an Unruly School?
  • 26th January: Speaking on Challenges in Higher Education: Lessons from the United Kingdom at the House of Lords for a briefing to the Association of Mexican Vice-Chancellors, with Lord Meghnad Desai and the British Council.
  • 24th January: Giving public lecture at the University of Kent of Keynes, Carr and the inter-war Crisis:1919-1939
  • 8th December: Speaking on Confronting Global Challenges 2017-2067 panel, hosted by the Centre for International Studies to mark their 50th anniversary.
  • 24th November: Speaking at LSE International Realtions Department Cumberland Lodge conference Populism in the 21st Century: Causes and Consequences on The Making of International Relations at the LSE:Olympians, The English School, British Decline, Mad Money, Clausewitz, Cold War, and a Lot More Besides.
  • 23rd November: Speaking on Everything has changed?  Trump and the crisis of Liberal Order, a panel discussion hosted by the Centre for International Policy Studies at City University London.
  • 8th November: In conversation with Dr George Lawson on global power and security in 2017 and beyond, as part of the LSE100 course.
  • 25th October: Speaking on From Keynes to Carr: The Twenty Years’ Crisis Revisited at the LSE-Sciences Po Seminar in Contemporary International History.
  • 23rd September: Keynote speaker at H.G. Wells and G. B. Shaw: Socialism and the Irrational event to be held at LSE by The H.G. Wells Society and the Shaw Society
  • 15th September: TRIUM Global Executive MBAInternational Politics in An Age of Uncertainty
  • 14th September: Speaking at the Royal College of Defence Studies on The Nature of Power in the International System
  • 1st September: The World Today: How Bad Is It? keynote speech at the LSE Alumni Leadership Forum
  • 15 August: Speaking on The Transatlantic Relationship in the Age of Brexit and Trump at LSE China conference in Beijing, the annual annual conference held by LSE in China.
  • 11 August: Interviewed in World Finance magazine on the the history of the Rockefeller family. 
  • 26 July: Appeared in a German TV documentary on the history of the LSE. Watch on the Arte website.
  • 18 July: 2017's Summer School lecture by Professor Cox is entitled Farewell to Globalization: Farewell to the Liberal World Order? The Populist Revolt from Brexit to Trump and Beyond. Listen on the LSE Soundcloud page.
  • 29 June: Authored article on Europe – Still between the Superpowers in the Dahrendorf Forum Special Issue of Global Policy journal.
  • 16-18 June: Gave keynote address at the conference 'The Colonels' Dictatorship: Domestic and International Dimension, 1967-1974' that took place in Athens, speaking on The Crisis of the Cold War: Greece and the 1960s revisited.
  • 15 June: Gave keynote sppech at Economic policy for smart, inclusive and sustainable growth conference in Belgrade, alongside Professor Leszeck Balcerowicz of the Warsaw School of Economics and architect of  the Polish economic reforms.
  • 8 June: Spoke at LSE's Election Night event, on the panel discussing Foreign Policy & Defence with IDEAS' Yu Jie and LSE's Brian Klass.
  • 31 May: Spoke at Retreat from Globalisation? Brexit, Trump and the New Populism conference in Dublin, held by the International Affairs Standing Committee of the Royal Irish Academy.
  • 2 May: Spoke at Whither Europe? Historical Perspectives on 2017 held by LSE's European Institute longside Professor Mike Savage of the LSE International Inequalities Institute and Abby Innes. Listen to the podcast.


  • 24 April: Spoke at Chatham House in the Are We Entering a Post-West International Order? debate, arguing against the motion that we're entering a post-Western period alongside Professor Trine Flockhart and against Dr George Lawson and Anthony Dworkin. Listen to the podcast.
  • 2 April: Co-wrote piece with Attlee biographer John Bew write for the LSE History blog on how the former PM and LSE lecturer's achievements have often been overlooked.



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