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Congrats again on the success of LSE IDEAS, which I greatly admire.

Anthony Giddens

  • 26th April: Roham Alvandi of our Cold War Studies Project spoke on Amnesty International and the Origins of the Iranian Revolution at the Iranian Studies Program at Stanford University.
  • 4th April: John Ryan co-authors new article in International Economics and Economic PolicyLessons from historical monetary unions - is the European monetary union making the same mistakes?
  • 30th January: New article from Luc-Andre Brunet in Contemporary European History journal - The Creation of the Monnet Plan, 1945–1946: A Critical Re-Evaluation.
  • 14th December: Yu Jie is a disscusant on the panel China, the Global Order, and Two Ages of Rising Powers: Comparing and Contrasting the World of 1900 and the World of Today hosted by the Institute of East Asian Studies at Duisburg-Essen University.
  • 4th December: Luc-Andre Brunet has new article in the journal French History on French industrialists during the Second World War.
  • 15th November: Yu Jie will speak as a keynote panellist at the panel on “Do what Xi Says” at the UBS 2017 Annual European Conference in London
  • 3-6th November: Yu Jie will speak on China’s role of economic global governance at the Beijing Forum, organised by Peking University and the PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 25th October: Yu Jie will speak at a panel titled Geo-Economics in EU-China Relations organised by European Policy Centre in Brussels.
  • 14th October: Yu Jie will discuss the interplay of China’s domestic politics and foreign affairs at the inaugural Young China Watchers Conference in London
  • 10th October: Nick Kitchen of the Executive MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy gave evidence to the House of Commons Defence Committee on UK-US-NATO relations.
  • 14th September: Yu Jie spoke on China’s diplomatic challenge to OBOR at the inaugural One Belt, One Road Summit at Oxford University.
  • 29 August: Swapna Kona Nayudu published a new article in Global Intellectual History on Nehru’s book Rajneeti Se Door.
  • Munir Majid published a chapter in Southeast Asian Affairs 2017, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies Singapore entitled Forging the Asean Economic Community, 2015 to 2016 - and Beyond and Stepping Up to Grave Challenges of the Next 50 Years, a chapter in ASEAN FutureForward, published by the Institute of Strategic and International Studies, Malaysia. 
  • 28 August: IDEAS Senior Fellow Arne Westad's new book The Cold War: A World History was reviewed in The Guardian and The New York Times.
  • 21 August: Yu Jie lectured at the Silk Road Fund in Beijing on post-Brexit UK-China and EU-China relations. The Silk Road Fund is one of two Chinese led financial institutions facilitating the 'One Belt, One Road' initiative. 
  • 24-28 July: Yu Jie is lecturing at the Understanding Global China summer school at Rome University Tor Vergata.
  • 19 July: IDEAS Visiting Fellow Swapna Kona Nayudu has published a Working Paper on Indo-Soviet relations as part of the Wilson Center's Cold War International History project.
  • 1 July: The Online Journal Of The China Policy Institute publishes Priscilla Roberts' article Celebrating the Anniversary: Political Frustration and Impasse in Hong Kong.
  • 29 June: Priscilla Roberts' article Donald Trump: The View from the Asia Pacific. Loose Nukes and Loose Cannons published by The International Security Studies Forum.
  • 19-21 June: Mary Martin, director of the UN Business and Human Security Initiative at IDEAS, attended the 2nd India Think Tank Forum in New Delhi, entitled The Potential and Power of National, Regional and Global Partnerships. A fast growing number of think tanks discussed China's growing role, Indian foreign policy, and domestic challenges for policymakers.
  • June: IDEAS Visiting Fellow John Ryan published the chapter The Conundrum of Financial Stability - Central Banks and Currency Management in China, Eurozone and the US? in the Routledge book China and EU: Reform and Governance edited by Jing Men and Annika Linck. 
  • 16-18 June: IDEAS Visiting Fellow Effie G.H. Pedaliu was one of the organisers of the conference The Colonels' Dictatorship: Domestic and International Dimension, 1967-1974 in Athens, at which IDEAS Visiting Fellow Eirini Karamouzi and IDEAS Director Michael Cox also spoke.
  • 1-3 May: Alexander Soderholm joined over 140 policy makers and thinkers from more than 90 organisations and over 40 countries to discuss the theme Achieving Balanced Growth in Asia and the World for Sustainable Development: The Role of Think Tanks in Yokohama at the Global Think Tank Summit.
  • 20 April: Visiting Fellow Effie G. H. Pedaliu presented the opening paper at the conference '50 Years After: New Approaches to the Colonels' Dictatorship'' on 'The Greek Dictatorship and International Public Opinion'. The three day event was attended by the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, Ministers, MPs, academics, and members of the public.   


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