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  • November 8: John Ryan writes for EUROPP, examining the main contenders to succeed Merkel in the CDU
  • November 7: Lutfey Siddiqi writes for Today Online on the importance of diversity in corporate governance.
  • November 4: Andrew Hammond writes for Gulf News on why the US midterms matter to the world.
  • October 30: John Ryan writes for EUROPP, exploring whether Merkel will be able to control her exit from German politics.
  • October 18: Chris Alden co-authored an article for Quartz, exploring African agency in the debate over debt with China.
  • October 15: John Ryan writes for EUROPP on the fragmentation of the German party system in light of the Bavarian state elections.
  • October 8: John Ryan writes for EUROPP on the political challenges facing the Merkel government.
  • September 27: Yu Jie spoke to The Diplomat on the impact of Brexit on UK-China relations, and its ramifications for the US in turn.
  • September 19: Andrew Hammond writes for Gulf News on Sino-Russian cooperation in the Pacific.
  • August 25: Yu Jie spoke to BBC World Service Radio Weekend programme on China and Taiwan's  African diplomacy.
  • August 23: Yu Jie spoke on BBC World Service Radio's 'The World Update' on the latest round of US-China tariffs.
  • August 20: Yu Jie appeared on BBC World TV 'Talking Business' on Global Trade tensions.
  • August 7: Yu Jie writes for the Financial Times on the ironies and mismatches of China's Belt & Road.
  • July 25: Like father, like son: Prime Minister Trudeau faces Greenpeace activists, again. Luc-André Brunet writes for The Globe and Mail on historical parallels for Trans Mountain pipeline protests.
  • July: Yu Jie interviewed by BBC News Channel and BBC World Service on the EU-China summit (16th), quoted in Financial Times column on US-China trade dispute (13th), interviwed by BBC on US-China tarrifs (11th), quoted in South China Morning Post on Jeremy Hunt's appointment as Foreign Secretary (10th), quoted in Financial Times story on how China’s Belt and Road difficulties are proliferating across the world (9th), and wrote for the South China Morning Post on How Trump can bring China and the European Union closer, if they can be pragmatic about their wish lists (5th). 
  • 2 July: Is the European Central Bank too big to succeed? asks John Ryan for Director of Finance online, promoting our report The Future of the European Central Bank.
  • 28 June: Would British trade thrive on WTO terms? Absolutely not argues Guy de Jonquières in Prospect magazine
  • 25 June: Power is draining away from Chancellor Merkel argues John Ryan on the LSE Europe Blog.
  • 19 June: Yu Jie appeared on BBC World Service speaking on US-China trade disputes and the impact on global financial markets. 
  • 13 June: “Iranians will see the summit as little more than a publicity stunt that legitimises both Mr Trump & Mr Kim.” Roham Alvandi quoted in Independent story on Iran's warning to North Korea.
  • 13 June: Yu Jie appeared on CNBC to discuss how China views the outcome of the US-North Korea summit in Singapore.
  • 10 June: At the G7, Trump increased what could soon become unprecedented strains in the western alliance writes Andrew Hammond for Gulf News.
  • 10 June: Leslie Vinjamuri spoke to CNN about the aftermath of the G7, and hard choices about how to respond to Trump.


April-May 2018

  • 20 May: Tim Oliver appeared on the BBC Sunday Politics London to argue for more devolved powers for a 'London Parliament'. 
  • 18 May: Yu Jie appeared on BBC World News to talk about a thaw in US-China relations. 
  • 15 May: Yu Jie appeared on BBC World News Breakfast Breifing to talk about ZTE and US-China trade relations. 
  • 14 May: Roham Alvandi interviewed about Trump, Iran, and regime change by Australia’s ABC National Radio
  • 13 May: Trump has set toughest test yet for Europe, argues Andrew Hammond in The Canberra Times
  • 10 May: Roham Alvandi quoted in the Independent on the Israeli-Iranian confrontation in Syria and appeared on The Spectator Podcast to discuss the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement.
  • 3 May: Yu Jie appeared on Sky News to discuss the likely outcomes of negotiation between Washington and Beijing when the US Treasury Secretary visits Beijing.
  • 23 April: Swapna Kona Nayudu writes for the Wilson Center blog on the career of former Indian Foreign Secretary Rajeshwar Dayal.
  • 18 April: Post-Brexit UK needs India, but issues remain argues Andrew Hammond in The Scotsman.
  • 18 April: Effie G. H. Pedaliu writes for the LSE European Politics & Policy blog on The 18th April 1948 Italian Election, Seventy Years On.
  • 5 April: Juan F. Fuentes writes for El Pais (in Spanish) on Vladimir Putin and possible historical continuity between the USSR and today's Russia.
  • 4 April: Tim Oliver writes for the Netherlands Institute of International Relations on the EU's Brexit mistakes.
  • 4 April: Yu Jie quoted in Financial Times front page story on Chinese investment in the UK. 
  • 3 April: Andrew Hammond writes for the South China Morning Post on why China will need to boost its soft power to win a trade war with Donald Trump.
  • 2 April: Yu Jie appeared on BBC World to discuss the growing China-US trade war.

January-March 2018

  • 27 March: How do Russia tensions compare to Soviet era? IDEAS Director Michael Cox quoted in this BBC News story.
  • 22 March: Yu Jie appeared on BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight and BBC World Service Newshour to discuss trade tensions between the US and China. 
  • 20 March: Yu Jie spoke on BBC News Business Breifing about China's National Parliamentary Congress.
  • 15 March: China’s Xi will be judged on the results of planned reforms, Yu Jie writes for the Financial Times beyond brics
  • 4 March: Putin win will put politics in flux - Andrew Hammond on US-Russia relations in Gulf News.
  • 3 March: Yu Jie quoted by Arab News on China's role in Middle Eastern oil markets.
  • 26 February: Internal resilience, not external strength, will determine the century’s power struggles argues Gideon Rachman in his Financial Times column. 
  • 26 February: Yu Jie reacted to the proposed abolition of the two-term limit for the Chinese Presidency, discussing 'Xi Jinping thought' with Carrie Grace on BBC News and the impact of the news on the Chinese economy on BBC World Service Business Report.
  • 15 February: Tan Sri Munir Majid spoke to Business FM radio station about the direction of Malaysia and the rise of China. 
  • 4 February: China-UK ‘golden age’ renewed with May trip argues Andrew Hammond in Gulf News.
  • 2 February: Linda Yueh writes for the UK in a Changing Europe blog on the UK, the EU. and China after Brexit.
  • 1 February: Yu Jie appeared on BBC Radio 4's The Briefing Room to discuss to discuss Britain, China, & the One Belt, One Road initiative with the FT's James Kynge and host David Aaronovitch. 
  • 27 January: Yu Jie was quoted on the front page of the Financial Times, commenting on the diplomatic row between the UK & China on the Belt & Road Initiative.
  • 24 January: Europe Needs to Prepare to Live Without America as an Ally, writes Lisa ten Brinke in Newsweek.
  • 22 January: Can the UK do a post Brexit trade deal with China? Yu Jie looked at the 3 things China would want for the South China Morning Post
  • 20 January: BRICS lead the way in taking millions out of poverty argues Andrew Hammond in Arab News.
  • 19 January: Yu Jie is featured in the UBS Knowledge Network, speaking on China's Global Relations.
  • 7 January: 2018 sees Brexit’s third and toughest phase argues Andrew Hammond in Gulf News.
  • 4 January: Roham Alvandi appeared on BBC Radio 4's The Briefing Room programme to explain the historical context for the protests in Iran.


June-December 2017

  • 17 December: As It Leaves the EU, Britain Suffers Setback After Setback says Andrew Hammond in the Wall Street Journal.
  • 13 December: Tim Oliver quoted in the Washington Times story on the prospects for Europe's far-right parties.
  • 13 December: Leslie Vinjamuri appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire programmmeon BBC 2 to talk about the Alabama Senate election. 
  • 11 December: Brexit is turning into a civilised divorce argues Gideon Rachman in his Financial Times column.
  • 27 November: Despite German setback, EU has new spring in its step says Andrew Hammond in Arab News.
  • 30 October: Andrew Hammond writes for Gulf News on how Trump trip will articulate Asia agenda beyond Pyongyang and for the South China Morning Post on why the next test of China-Russia cooperation will be containing the North Korea crisis.
  • 23 October: China’s Communist Party must fight inequality if it wants to survive argues Yu Jie in the Washington Post.
  • 18 October: At start of the Chinese Communist Party Congress, Yu Jie spoke to BBC World Service NewshourBBC World News TV, the Australia National Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) RN Drive programmeBBC World Business Live, and BBC World Service Newsday, and wrote for BBC Chinese.
  • 16 October: Leslie Vinjamuri appeared on CNN to discuss Trump's decision to decertify Iran's compliance with the Iran nuclear deal.
  • 14 October: The nature of warfare is changing. It's time governments caught up argues Sir Richard Barrons in Wired.
  • 10 October: Roham Alvandi gave an interview on the BBC World Service Marketplace Report on Trump’s impending decision on the Iran nuclear agreement.
  • 9 October: What now for Brexit after the German election? asks John Ryan on the UCL Brexit blog.
  • 8 October: Effie G. H. Pedaliu writes about Robert Kennedy's assassination and its impact on American politics for Kathimerini (article in Greek).
  • 8 October: 16 years after US invasion, Afghanistan is at a crossroads says Andrew Hammond in Arab News.
  • 7 October: “The Communist Party realises a dynamic private sector has become a key source of employment, economy and social stability." Yu Jie quoted in South China Morning Post story on private sector.
  • 4 October: If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry…Visiting Fellow John Ryan for the LSE Brexit blog on Brexit humour.
  • 4 October: Associate Tim Oliver quoted in CBC piece about what NFL games in London tell us about US-UK relations.  
  • 2 October: Does Brexit Pose Danger Both For European Union And China? asks John Ryan on Social Europe.
  • 1 October: Nations are trying to connect with more globally minded elements in the US. Leslie Vinjamuri asks if this will save the Atlantic alliance in the October & November issue of The World Today.
  • 1 October: US and China edge closer to agreement on dealing with Kim Jong-un according to Andrew Hammond in Arab News.
  • 26 September: The German election result will slow down the Brexit process, our Visiting Fellow John Ryan writes for the LSE Brexit blog.
  • 25 September: While they should not be negative about China, Asean member states should not however surrender their sovereign rights argues Munir Majid in The Star (Malayasia).
  • 21 September: Brexit is not magically remaking the European Union, and Britain needs a reality-based strategy write  Associates Tim Oliver and Andrew Hammond in the Wall Street Journal.
  • 19 September: Can Brexit Britain really become a global trader? asks Associate Guy de Jonquières on the Open Political Economy Network.
  • 14 September: Leslie Vinjamuri appeared on the BBC's Daily Politics to discuss the US-UK relationship and key issues in foreign and security policy for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's visit to London.
  • 11 September: These are unexpectedly good times for the European Union says Andrew Hammond in Japan Today.
  • 11 September: Four Visits and a Funeral - Swapna Kona Nayudu writes for the Wilson Center blog on Indian-Soviet relations.
  • 10 September: Yu Jie speaks to Seikyo Press about China-Japan relations (article in Japanese).
  • 7 September: "There are potential risks to our vital interests abroad" IDEAS Senior Visiting Fellow Sir Richard Barrons quoted on front page of The Times.
  • 5 September: NATO needs its own version of the Russian 'Zapad' exercise argues Sir Richard Barrons in Defense One.
  • September 4: Miscalculation could lead to a Korean war says Gideon Rachman in his Financial Times column.
  • 30 August: Leslie Vinjamuri discussed the significance of soft power and the controversy surrounding the decision by the BBC to broadcast in North Korea with Jamie Angus and Tania Branigan on BBC Radio 4.
  • 28 August: Yu Jie's first column for China Plus is on the upcoming BRICS summit.  
  • 28 August: IDEAS Senior Fellow Arne Westad's new book The Cold War: A World History was reviewed in The Guardian and The New York Times.
  • 27 August: Visiting Senior Fellow Sir Richard Barrons spoke to The Sunday Telegraph on why the rise of military ‘killer robots’ is almost inevitable and any attempt at an international ban will struggle to stop an arms race.
  • 23 August: Leslie Vinjamuri appeared on BBC News to talk about Trump's response to Charlottesville.
  • 21 August: After NAFTA talks in US, Andrew Hammond identifies who really benefits from Trump's changing trade agenda for Reuters.
  • 21 August: Bannon’s ideas will survive in the White House writes Gideon Rachman in his Financial Times column.
  • 19 August: Leslie Vinjamuri appeared on CNN to discuss Steve Bannon's exit from the White House. 
  • 15 August: The pain will be shared if Donald Trump torpedoes ‘worst ever’ trade deal writes Andrew Hammond in The Telegraph
  • 14 August: In his Financial Times column, Gideon Rachman argues America is now a dangerous nation.
  • 14 August: Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ over North Korea hurts his Asia allies writes Andrew Hammond in Japan Today.
  • 8 August: Yu Jie quoted in Financial Times business story on how Chinese domestic politics can often leave western investors guessing.
  • 8 August: Visiting Senior Fellow Tan Sri Munir Majid appeared on CNBC to discuss the economic obstacles faced by ASEAN.
  • 2 August: Andrew Hammond piece in City AM on why Brics are the new battleground for the global inequality fight.
  • 1 August: Leslie Vinjamuri writes for the guardian on what White House havoc means for the world.
  • 29 July: Health care defeat confirmed it: Trump has lost round one, writes Leslie Vinjamuri for CNN.
  • 20 July: David Cadier appeared on France 24 to debate if Donald Trump's visit to Poland emboldened the governing party?
  • 14 July: Guy de Jonquières writes for Borderlex‏ why Brexit or no Brexit – the answer will lie with the EU.
  • 7 July: Andrew Hammond piece in the Mail & Guardian on how Trump’s Europe trip highlights low global standing of ‘brand America’.
  • 3 July: Yu Jie interviewed on BBC Business Live on China-Russia relations as Xi & Putin meet, and the One Belt, One Road initiative. 
  • 29 June: Yu Jie appeared on BBC World Impact on 20 years after the Hong Kong handover. 
  • 28 June: Defense and Acquiescence: Alexander Grantham, Hong Kong, and China - Priscilla Roberts writes for the Sources and Methods blog.
  • 18 June: Yu Jie on Viu Six TV, Hong Kong commenting on how the UK's hung Parliament is seen in China.
  • 9 June: Yu Jie quoted in the South China Morning Post on how “a coalition government [in the UK] is a bad thing for overseas investment”
  • 2 June: Leslie Vinjamuri on Bloomberg Surveillance to talk about President Trump and the future of the Paris climate change agreement.
  • 1 June: Yu Jie on BBC World Business Report on the EU-China summit and potential European-Chinese cooperation on climate change.
  • 1 June: Andrew Hammond in Newsweek on What Trump Could Learn from China on Climate Change. 


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