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Susana Sánchez Ferro

      Visiting Fellow, March - July 2009

Susana Sánchez Ferro is lecturer of Constitutional Law at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain). She holds a PhD from the Public Law Department of that University.  Her fields of interests are access to Government Information by the Citizens and the Courts (mainly as it comes to National Security information), Freedom of Information Law, as well as the analysis of tensions between Civil Liberties and National Security. She has written a book on official secrets and has dealt with the political question issue. She has also written some papers on Freedom of Information and on dissolution of Political Parties. She has completed her training at the Universities of Saarbruecken (Germany) and Berkeley (USA) and has hold two Fulbright Scholarships from the US Government to take part in the Salzburg Seminar (Austria) Session 430: "European Responses to Terrorism: Cost of Public Security" and in the Winter 2005 Study of the US Institute: "U.S. National Security: American Foreign Policy Formulation in an Era of Globalization", organized by the U.S. Department of State at the University of Delaware (USA). As visiting fellow in the Centre for the Study of Human Rights, Susana wants to carry out a deep study of the Human Rights Act and the way it is been implemented by the Courts and develop a comprehensive analysis of those questions related to judicial review posed by the Act.