Marlies Hesselman

Marlies HesselmanMarlies Hesselman (LLB Leiden, LLM International Law (cum laude) Groningen, LLM European Law Groningen, PhD Candidate Groningen) was awarded a Short Visit Grant from the Globalisation and Transnational Human Rights Obligations (GLOTHRO) Research Networking Programme, as funded by the European Science Foundation, to spend Autumn 2013 at the Lab conducting her PhD research in the field of universal access to modern energy services. Marlies' PhD research at the University of Groningen deals with the role and place of public international law in realizing universal access to modern energy services, recognizing it as an upcoming development goal aimed at lifting large portions of the global population out of so-called energy poverty. The objective is to ensure that everyone obtains basic access to modern, affordable and reliable energy services such as clean heating, cooking and lighting. Without prejudice to the question as to whether access to modern energy services should be considered a human right in its own right, Marlies will spend her time at the Lab researching both the opportunities and limits of a human rights approach to the goal, cognizant of the fact that effective realization of the goal is likely to require complex concerted transnational (inter)action of a large number of actors in the global economy, including sizable investment by the private sector.