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Professor Lydia Morris

Visiting Fellow, February to June 2005

Lydia Morris has a BA in Sociology and Politics (Keele) and a PhD in Anthropology (LSE). She is currently a Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex. Her interests lie principally in the area of social rights, and for many years her work focussed on poverty, unemployment and welfare provisions. The rights dimension of this work has more recently expanded, through a comparative study of immigration and asylum regimes in Britain Germany and Italy. She wishes now to maintain and extend this broader focus, and hopes that her stay at the Centre for the Study of Human Rights will assist her in this aim. She is currently working on an edited collection on Sociological Perspectives on Rights. Other publications include: Social Security Provision for the Long Term Unemployed (Social Security Advisory Committee, 1990); The Workings of the Household (Polity Press, 1991); Dangerous Classes (Routledge, 1994); Social Divisions (UCL Press, 1995); Managing Migration (Routledge, 2002)