Julie Ringelheim

Visiting Fellow, April - June 2011

Julie Ringelheim is Researcher with the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS) and the Centre for Philosophy of Law of Louvain University (Belgium). She also teaches international human rights law and antidiscrimination law at Louvain University. Previously, she has been a Visiting Scholar at New York University School of Law. Her research interests include human rights theory, law and cultural diversity, antidiscrimination law, international protection of minorities, religious rights, privacy rights, and regional systems of human rights protection. She holds a PhD from the European University Institute (Florence), an LLM from Cambridge University (Trinity Hall college) and is graduate in Law from the Free University of Brussels.

While at LSE she will work on a research project which seeks to critically explore the conception of social justice that underlies current European antidiscrimination law. She will investigate in particular the relations between antidiscrimination law and the problem of socio-economic inequalities.

Selected publications include:

(with O. De Schutter) Ethnic Monitoring. The Processing of Ethnic and Racial Data in Antidiscrimination Policies: Reconciling the Promotion of Equality with Privacy Rights (Bruylant, 2010).

The Protection of Minorities through the European Convention on Human Rights (in French) (Bruylant, 2006)

'Ethnic Categorisations and European Human Rights Law', Ethnic and Racial Studies (forthcoming).

'Rights, Religion and the Public Sphere: the European Court of Human Rights in Search of a Theory?', in C. Ungureanu and L. Zucca (eds), A European Dilemma: Religion and the Public Sphere,  Cambridge University Press (forthcoming).

'Minority Rights in a Time of Multiculturalism: The Evolving Scope of the Framework Convention on the protection of National Minorities', Human Rights Law Review, 2010, 10(1), 99-128.

'The Prohibition of Racial and Ethnic Discrimination in Access to Services under EU Law', European Anti-discrimination Law Review, 2010, 10, 11-18. 

(with O. De Schutter) 'Ethnic Profiling: A Rising Challenge for European Human Rights Law', The Modern Law Review, 2008, 71(3), 358-384.