Dr Claire Moon

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Claire MoonClaire Moon is Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and the Centre for the Study of Human Rights. She holds degrees in Literature, International Relations, and Politics. Prior to joining the LSE in 2004, she taught International Relations at the University of Kent and at the London Centre for International Relations. Her research and teaching are framed by a socio-legal perspective and address topics such as transitional justice, truth commissions (South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission in particular), post-conflict reconciliation, apologies, reparations, war trauma, human rights reporting, and forensic knowledge in human rights. She is currently working on a book project on the governance of social suffering.

Claire teaches courses on Atrocity, Suffering and Human Rights (SO307), Political Reconciliation (SO457) and Approaches to Human Rights (SO424). She supervises PhD work on a range of topics including the refusnik movement in Israel, transitional justice in Columbia, state crimes in Mexico, memory and trauma in contemporary Cambodia and disappearances in Chile. Claire has been awarded two LSE Teaching Prizes: the Major Review Teaching Prize and the LSE Teaching Excellence Award.

Claire Moon is the Convener of the ‘Atrocity, Suffering and Human Rights’ Research Group. Claire was Reviews Editor of the British Journal of Sociology between 2007 and 2010, and is a member of the British Sociological Association. She is also a member of the London Transitional Justice Network and the Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability, Columbia University, NYC.

Selected Publications

  • Moon, Claire, (2013) Looking without seeing, listening without hearing: Cohen, denial and human rights’, Crime, Media and Culture, 9/2.
  • Moon, Claire, (2013) ‘“Interpreters of the dead:” Forensic knowledge, human remains and the politics of the past’, Social and Legal Studies. 22/2 
  • Moon, Claire (forthcoming 2013) ‘Money as the measure of man: Values and value in reconciliation’ in Malcolm Cowburn, Paul Senior, Anne Robinson, Marian Duggan (eds.), The Value(s) of Criminology and Community Justice (Bristol: Policy Press).
  • Moon, Claire (forthcoming 2013) ‘The therapeutic governance of atrocity: social and political implications’, Mathemes of Reassociation, 1.
  • Moon, Claire (2011), ‘The crime of crimes and the crime of criminology: genocide, criminology and Darfur, British Journal of Sociology, 62/1.
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  • Moon, Claire (2010) ‘Narrar la reconciliación política: verdad y reconciliación en Sudáfrica, in Cecilia Macón and Laura Cucchi (eds.) Mapas De La Transición: La política después del terror en Alemania, Chile, España, Guatemala, Sudáfrica y Uruguay (Buenos Aires: Ladosur).
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  • Moon, Claire (2002) ‘From separation to interpenetration: a bi-national state in Palestine/Israel? A response to Eyal Weizman’, openDemocracy, July 9.
Narrating Political Reconciliation