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Articles and Publications

Articles and publications by LSE SAR Fellows and Reconnect with Research Scholars:

'Violence Directed at Anbar University Students From All Sides'
Sawsan al-Assaf, 21 September 2014, Truthout
'Seeking safety in Algeria: Syrian refugee women's resilience' 
Latefa Guemar, 5 December 2013, Open Democracy
'No-one chooses to be a refugee'
Latefa Guemar, 2013, LSE Connect
'Mobilisation and violence in the new media ecology: the Dua Khalil Aswad and Camilia Shehata cases' 
Mina Al-Lami (with M, Hoskins, A., O'Loughlin, B.) (2012) Critical Studies on Terrorism, pp. 1-20.
'The jihadist style-journey: Germany's election and after'
Mina Al-Lami (with Ben Loughlin), 29 September 2009, Open Democracy



LSE Scholars at Risk