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LSE Scholars At Risk

The LSE Scholars at Risk scheme is a LSE-wide initiative co-ordinated from the Centre for the Study of Human Rights. It is supported by the LSE Annual Fund

On 27 June 2014, nine scholars succesfully completed a week of training at LSE as part of the the Reconnect with Reseach Summer programme. The scholars, originally from Syria, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sierra Leone and Somalia, are all engaged in postgraduate study in the UK. They came from Manchester, Leicester, Lancaster, London and Wales to complete a week of english language training at LSE.
Jane Gordon
23 June 2014 Feminisation of a Tragedy: Syria's women and girls' journey to safety. Latefa Guemar, LSE SAR Fellow, joined Jane Gordon (pictured) Professor Dawn Chatty and Amanda Gray for this Gender Institute and LSE SU Student Action for Refugees (STAR) Expert Panel Discussion.
On  30 April 2014, Reconnect with Research course graduate and SOAS PhD Candidate, Etana Habte, presented Resistance and Integration in the Ethiopian Empire State: Direct Amhara Rule in the Oromo Province of Qellem, Ethiopia, 1918-1936 as part of the SOAS African History Seminar Series.
Thanks to renewed support from the LSE Annual Fund, in 2014 LSE SAR will continue and expand its work supporting persecuted scholars.
Latefa Guemar
Reconnect with Research course graduate and Visiting Fellow in the Gender Institute, Latefa Guemar, was published on on 5 December 2013. In Seeking safety in Algeria: Syrian refugee women's resilience Guemar suggests that for many Syrian women in Algeria, the gendered experience of violence and displacement has been compounded by the discrimination they now face as women refugees.
Nouri Baker
Reconnect with Research course participant Dr Nouri Baker has been honoured for his work supporting refugees in Manchester. Dr Baker, who worked as a University lecturer in Iraq, fled his homeland in 2006. With the help of the Red Cross and the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics Dr Baker and his family were granted refugee status, and came to the UK. Since his arrival her has worked to support others who are fleeing persecution. Dr Baker was given the 'Leading Light' award from Guinness Northern Counties, in November 2013.
Quhramaana Kakar
Following her successful completion of the Reconnect with Research course, Quhramaana Kakar wrote a piece for the LSE Gender Institute blog. Politics aimed at participation: A critical analysis of role of civil society and women's groups affecting peace in Afghanistan was published on Engenderings on 29 July 2013
Chris New
In a guest post on the Teaching and Learning Centre blog, Chris New of the LSE Language Centre reflected on what student participation and engagement mean in the context of the Reconnect with Research course. Chris designed and teaches the course, which provides English language support to refugee and asylum seeking scholars.
Latefa Guemar
Following her nomination for a Migrant and Refugee Women of the Year Award, Latefa Guemar, Visiting Fellow in the Gender Institute and former Reconnect with Research course participant, has been talking about her experiences as a refugee scholar. She published an article in LSE Connect and was interviewed for a short LSE film in June 2013. 
Read the article I Download PDFI Watch video.

Hosting 'At Risk' scholars
LSE SAR houses, with financial support, scholars whose lives or work are being threatened in their home countries and who have research interests that coincide with those of the School. We are currently hosting an Iranian scholar. LSE SAR has previously hosted an Iraqi researcher, Ethiopian economist, Iraqi professor of International Relations and a Palestinian economist. Over time, and with additional and secure funding, LSE SAR hopes to have a community of scholars here able to contribute to their respective fields of research and teaching in a climate of safety and conducive to the flourishing of academic pursuits.
English language and research skills support for UK-based refugee scholars 
Reconnect with Research is an English language course with an academic focus for refugee and asylum seeking scholars. The course is for UK-based refugee or asylum-seeking scholars who would benefit from enhanced English language support to introduce them to the UK Higher Education system. It provides access to LSE expertise and resources and aims to assist persecuted scholars in returning to academia. 
LSE Visiting Fellowships for UK-based refugee scholars
LSE SAR provides a select number of Visiting Fellowships for refugee scholars. The scholars, who are based in the UK with refugee status, are welcomed into a host department under the LSE Visiting Fellowship scheme. They are provided with additional support, including grants to enable them to travel to LSE, by the LSE SAR programme. They are also given access to one-to-one language support. Visiting Fellows are selected from the Reconnect with Research programme.

LSE Scholars at Risk

Latefa Guemar

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