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LSE Scholars At Risk 

Centre for the Study of Human Rights
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LSE Scholars at Risk (LSE SAR) is a School-wide initiative co-ordinated from the Centre for the Study of Human Rights and supported by the LSE Annual Fund.

LSE SAR has programmes in support of both scholars who are currently facing risk and those who have already fled persecution and are now rebuilding their lives in the UK.

  • Our temporary Hosting Programme enables us to provide 'at risk' scholars with the opportunity to continue their work in safety
  • Our Reconnect with Research programme provides academic English language and research skills training to UK-based refugee scholars
  • Our SAR Visiting Fellowship programme assists UK-based refugee scholars in re-orienting their careers in the UK education sector

LSE has a long history of protecting scholars against persecution. In response to the persecution of central European scholars by the Nazis the LSE supported the establishment of an Academic Assistance Council (now the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics) set up to help refugee academics. From 1933 the School invited scholars fleeing the war to continue their work in the safe and stimulating environs of the LSE, among them Karl Popper and George Soros.

LSE SAR supports at risk and refugee academics in partnership with the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics (CARA) in London and the Scholar Rescue Fund in New York. LSE is a member of the Scholars at Risk Network, an international network of universities and colleges that defends the human rights of persecuted scholars worldwide. 


LSE Scholars at Risk