Human Rights Futures Project


Professor Francesca Klug is on sabbatical leave from October 2013 to the end of 2014. This page is not being updated.

The Project

The Human Rights Futures Project explores and analyses the future direction of human rights discourse in the UK and elsewhere. The project particularly focuses on  monitoring and evaluating the impact of the UK's Human Rights Act (HRA) inside and outside the courts to chart the evolving nature of human rights and challenge its characterisation as a technical, legalised discourse, focused solely on the relationship between the individual and the state.

Recently the Project has been engaging in the current political debates on the future of the HRA and proposals for a British Bill of Rights. Human Rights Futures provides ongoing academic research and analysis on the background and context to the debate and draws on comparative material to signal the global implications of moving away from international human rights norms to a more national focus. The Project is also involved in analysing political and philosophical debates about the nature of the state and human rights.

Selected publications

Human Rights Act impact on everyday life, (briefing) updated July 2013 PDF| I Word|

Prisoners Voting Rights in the UK (briefing), updated June 2013 PDF| I Word|

There can be no “forced” law change under the Human Rights Act, Letter to the Daily Mail, 7 May 2013 PDF| I Word| 

The government is free to ignore a declaration of incompatibility, Letter to the Daily Telegraph, 7 May 2013 PDF| I Word| 

Declarations of Incompatibility under the HRA (table) April 2013 PDF| I Word|

European Court of Human Rights cases|, March 2013

Deportation and the right to respect for private and family life under Article 8 HRA|, updated February 2013

The two Coalition parties are sorely at odds over human rights|, LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, 27 February 2013

Response to the Commission on a Bill of Rights second consultation|, September 2012

Response to the Commission on a Bill of Rights discussion paper 'Do we need a UK Bill of Rights?' |and 7 appendices, November 2011. For appendix 2, see below

Appendix 2 to our response to the Commission on a Bill of Rights discussion paper|. Francesca Klug and Rabinder Singh's proposals for the 'British model' of ECHR incorporation, 1997.

Response to Home Office Consultation on Family Migration|, October 2011

The Human Rights Act, European Convention on Human Rights and phone hacking convictions|, July 2011

'Human Rights Act Reporting in the Media: corrections and clarifications'|. Subsequently published on the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee website as written evidence for their Bill of Rights Inquiry, June 2011 

Landmark developments under the Human Rights Act|, May 2011

Protection of children's rights under the Human Rights Act|, May 2011

Human Rights Act impact outside courts|, June 2010

A Bill of Rights that is Human Rights Act plus: What are the minimal indicators?, |January 2010