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EU policy on human rights, peace and security

The Centre for the Study of Human Rights is a member of the Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI). With a grant from European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research AHRI members have undertaken research on EU foreign policy in the areas of human rights, peace and security.

An output of this project is the publication of a multidisciplinary anthology which brings together scholars and practitioners to address the question as to whether, in our globalised world, the protection of economic, social and cultural rights in the South has or should become the duty of actors beyond the state. It explores the role of actors such as transnational business, international financial institutions, supranational organisations and influential states who are involved in or impact on human rights in developing countries. In adopting a 'responsibilities approach', it seeks to clarify the nature, content and scope of their contemporary duties.

Margot E. Salomon, Arne Tostensen and Wouter Vandenhole (eds), Casting the Net Wider: Human Rights, Development and New Duty-Bearers (Intersentia, 2007).