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Atrocity, Suffering and Human Rights

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The Atrocity, Suffering and Human Rights group is led by Dr Claire Moon, Senior Research Associate in the Centre for the Study of Human Rights and Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology.   


accountability; acknowledgment; amnesty; apology; atrocity; charity; compensation; confession; cosmopolitanism; denial; distant suffering; forgiveness; genocide; gross violations of human rights; healing; historical injustice; human rights campaigns; humanitarianism; international criminal justice; justice; mediation of suffering; memory; moral responses to suffering; perpetrators; philanthropy; reconciliation; reparations; representations of atrocity and suffering; responsibility; restorative justice; retributive justice; social suffering; torture; transitional justice; trauma; truth; truth commissions; victims; witnessing.


Clicking on a member's name will take you to more information about them (in most cases elsewhere on the LSE website).

LSE members 

External members

  • Nandita Dogra, Goldsmith's
  • Bruna Seu, Birkbeck
  • Damien Short, Institute of Commonwealth Studies
  • Stjepan Mestrovic, Texas A&M University
  • Susannah Radstone, University of East London
  • Javier Trevino-Rangel, Center for Economic Teaching and Research, Mexico 
  • Iain Wilkinson, University of Kent

Research students