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Rwandan Courage & Survival

Exhibition produced by the Survivors Fund (SURF), and organised in collaboration with LSE Arts

Date and time: 9 November -18 December 2009. Open Monday - Friday, 10am - 8pm

Venue: Atrium Gallery, Old Building, LSE (click here for a How to get to LSE location map)

Heroes of Our Time: Rwandan Courage & Survival presents a history of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and focuses on the situation in Rwanda today through the stories of four survivors - Siméon Karamaga, Daphrose Mukangarambe, Cassien Mbanda and Ange Cendrine Mukayitesi.

Through personal testimony, imagery and film, the exhibition conveys the history of Rwanda, setting the context as to how the colonial years sowed the seeds for the genocide in which one million Tutsis, and a number of moderate Hutus, were killed in 100 days.

The exhibition also focuses on the need to ensure that the voices of survivors are listened to and heard, memory is kept alive, victims of the genocide are never forgotten and survivors of the genocide are supported. Heroes of Our Time tells the stories of the survivors and their call for the international community to do more to deliver justice.

Survivors Fund (SURF) is a British-based charity founded by Mary Kayitesi Blewitt OBE. It works to raise awareness of the plight of the survivors of the Rwandan genocide and to secure support and funding to rebuild their lives.