Dr Trevor Findlay

Dr Trevor Findlay is Executive Director of the Verification Research, Training and Information Centre (VERTIC) in London. A former Australian diplomat, he was educated at the University of Melbourne and the Australian National University in Canberra. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Political Science, a Masters degree in International Relations and a Doctorate in International Relations. He has previously held positions at the Peace Research Centre at the Australian National University and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in Sweden.

Dr Findlay has published widely in the international relations field, particularly on arms control, disarmament, peacekeeping and Asia/Pacific regional security. His books include Nuclear Dynamite: The Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Fiasco (Pergamon Brassey's Australia: Sydney, 1990); Peace Through Chemistry: The New Chemical Weapons Convention (Peace Research Centre: Canberra, 1993); Cambodia: The Legacy and Lessons of UNTAC (Oxford University Press for SIPRI: Oxford, 1996) and The Blue Helmets' First War?: The United Nations' Use of Force in the Congo 1960-1964 (Canadian Peacekeeping Press: Clementsport, 1999). His latest book, The Use of Force in UN Peace Operations, was published by Oxford University Press for SIPRI in December 2002.