Ruth Wedgwood, JD

Edward B Burling Professor of International Law and Diplomacy and Director of International Law and Organization, Johns Hopkins University.

US member, United Nations Human Rights Committee; member, Secretary of State's Advisory Committee for International Law; member, Defense Policy Board, Department of Defense; member, CIA Historical Review Panel. Independent expert for International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. US public delegate to OSCE, Warsaw Human Dimension Meeting. Board of editors of American Journal of International Law. Board of Directors, Freedom House. Former executive editor of the Yale Law Journal and former Supreme Court law clerk. Former Charles H Stockton Professor at the US Naval War College, and former professor of law at Yale Law School. Former director of studies at the Hague Academy for International Law in the Netherlands. Senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Chairman of committee on research for the American Society of International Law; member of the policy advisory group of the United Nations Association.

Author of numerous articles on international law and organisations, as well as American policy in the Balkans, the use of force, operational problems of peacekeeping, international tribunals, post-conflict reconstruction and the constitutional foreign affairs power published in the American Journal of International Law, Yale Law Journal and European Journal of International Law, as well as Foreign Affairs, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Die Zeit, and International Herald Tribune.

Former member, Hart-Rudman Commission on National Security in the 21st Century, National Security Study Group. Former chief of staff to the head of the criminal division in the US Department of Justice and chaired the Attorney General's working group on FBI informant and undercover guidelines. Former federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York. Professor Wedgwood received her BA from Harvard University and her JD from Yale Law School.