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A Rule of Law for the International community: Is it achievable?

In conjunction with Human Rights Watcj UK

Speaker: Judge Richard Goldstone, Chairman of the Independent International Commission on Kosovo
Chair: Professor Stan Cohen, LSE
June 2001

Since World War II human rights have increasingly become a matter of international concern. There has been a corresponding decline in the right of nations to claim that the human rights of their citizens are a matter of internal concern only. In consequence, national sovereignty has become weaker. Since the Nuremberg trials, universal jurisdiction in respect of the most serious war crimes and human rights abuses has achieved increasing recognition and acceptance, both in domestic and international law.

The Rome Statute for an International Criminal Court has become the fulcrum around which the future development of international criminal law will be determined. More particularly, the question is whether the isolationist opposition by the United States to the International Criminal Court will stifle this movement towards establishing a rule of law for the international community.