Public events are a key part of the Centre's activities, providing a critical and scholarly forum for discussion and debate. Through public lectures, seminars and conferences, the Centre enables scholars, practitioners, journalists and policy makers from the public, private, commercial and non-governmental sectors to examine critical issues in the field of human rights. Events are open to all with no ticket or reservation required, unless otherwise stated.

Lynette Chua
Mobilizing Gay Singapore: rights and resistance in an authoritarian state| In partnership with LSE Spectrum
Thursday 20 November 2014, 6.30-7.30pm 
For decades, Singapore's gay activists have sought equality and justice in a state where law is used to stifle basic civil and political liberties. In Mobilizing Gay Singapore, Lynette Chua asks, what does a social movement look like in an authoritarian state?
Christine Chinkin
‘Everyone is entitled…’ The global struggle for women’s human rights|
UN International Human Rights Day event
Thursday 11 December 2014, 6.30pm-8pm
66 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stated that everyone is entitled to the same fundamental rights and freedoms, our panel, chaired by Professor Christine Chinkin, will discuss the ongoing struggle for the realisation of women’s human rights worldwide.

Earlier this year...

Gael Garcia Bernal
Who Is Dayani Cristal?|
Film screening and Q&A hosted by the Atrocity Suffering and Human Rights Research Group
Q&A with: Marc Silver & Dr Javier Trevino-Rangel. Chair: Dr Claire Moon 
14 November 2014
Karin Landgren
Ebola, Peace and Security|
Speaker: Karin Landgren, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SR-SG) to Liberia. Chair: Trish Hiddleston
10 November 2014
Ali Kadri
Arab Development Denied: Dynamics of Accumulation by Wars of Encroachment|- book launch hosted by the Laboratory for Advanced Research on the Global Economy 
Speakers: Dr Ali Kadri, Professor John Weeks Chair: Dr Jason Hickel
28 October 2014
Begaiym Esenkulova
Balancing Human Rights and Investor Protection: Kyrgyzstan's gold mining sector|
Speaker: Begaiym Esenkulova
Chair: Andrea Saldarriaga
17 October 2014 
Human Rights Diplomacy: Inside the United Nations|Speaker: Dr Ibrahim Salama, director of the Human Rights Treaties Division in the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Chair: Dr Margot Salomon
2 October 2014

Mandela, the Lawyer|
LSE Nelson Mandela Memorial Event
Speakers: Speaker: George Bizos,  Professor Catherine M Cole; Professor David Dyzenhaus, Lord Joel Joffe, Dr Jens Meierhenrich
Introduction: Professor Stuart Corbridge. Chair: Professor Christine Chinkin 
12 June 2014

No Part in Warfare: UN Response to Attacks on Schools and Hospitals|
Speaker: Leila Zerrougui. Chair: Dr Jenny Kuper
9 June 2014

Human Rights, Globalization and How to Save the World|
Hosted by the Laboratory for Advanced Research on the Global Economy
Speakers: Professor Julio Faundez, Mr Craig Mokhiber, Dr Asunción Lera St Clair
Moderator: Dr Margot Salomon
1 May 2014

Nationalism, Internationalism and Cosmopolitanism: Some Lessons from Modern Indian History|
In partnership with the Department of Sociology
Speaker: Professor Partha Chatterjee. Chair: Dr Ayça Çubukçu
3 April 2014

Egypt’s Revolution: What’s in it for Minority Rights?|
In partnership with Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies and Minority Rights Group International
Speakers: Moataz El Fegiery, Mariz Tadros
20 March 2014

Economists As Political Philosophers: The Neoclassical Vision and Free Trade|
Hosted by the Laboratory for Advanced Research on the Global Economy
Speaker: Robert Lepenies. Commentators: Dr Andrew Lang, Professor Leif Wenar Chair: Dr Margot Salomon
14 March 2014

Gujarat: Human Rights Violations, Impunity and the Indian General Elections| Speakers: Dr Shakuntala Banaji, Ms Carla Ferstman, Mr Suresh Grover, Dr Biju Mathew
Chair: Professor Chetan Bhatt
19 February 2014

Vitoria and Us|
Hosted by the 'Internationalism, Cosmopolitanism and the Politics of Solidarity' research group
Speaker: Professor Martti Koskeniemmi. Chair: Dr Ayça Çubukçu
12 February 2014

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: A Critical Perspective|
In partnership with the Middle East Centre
Speaker: Dr Omar Nashabe. Chair: Professor Christine Chinkin
16 January 2014