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Public events are a key part of the Centre's activities, providing a critical and scholarly forum for discussion and debate. Through public events, seminars and conferences, the Centre enables scholars, practitioners, journalists and policy makers from the public, private, commercial and non-governmental sectors to examine critical issues in the field of human rights.

Public events are open to all with no ticket or reservation required, unless otherwise stated. Academic and policy-oriented conferences may have restricted access, please check the page for details.

Save the date: Wednesday 10 June 2015 (6.30pm) Public book launch, open to all
Chaired by Jane Gordon, Shami Chakrabarti and Francesca Klug will discuss the themes in Klug's new book 'A Magna Carta for All Humanity: homing in on human rights'

earlier this year...

Francesca Klug
A Magna Carta for All Humanity: homing in on human rights|
Part of the LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival
Speaker: Francesca Klug
Chair: Conor Gearty
27 February 2015
Saskia Sassen
Extradition and the Erosion of Human Rights|
Speakers: Gareth Peirce, Saskia Sassen, Jeanne Theoharis
Chair: Susan Marks
28 January 2015
Dmitri Makarov
Defending Human Rights in Russia|
Speakers: Mary McAuley, Dmitri Makarov, Roman Udot
Chair: Margo Picken
21 January 2015