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Field Notes: human rights defenders speak

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Speakers: Mandira Sharma, Arnold Tsunga, Sam Zia-Zarifi and Tiseke Kasambala

Chair: Dr Jenny Kuper

Tuesday 6 November 2007

In this seventh 'Field notes' event held in conjunction with Human Rights Watch UK, frontline human rights defenders discussed monitoring human rights violations in their countries: their different methods of collecting and evaluating information and the ways in which they develop advocacy campaigns.


Mandira Sharma is a lawyer and human rights activist battling for justice for the arbitrarily detained, tortured, and "disappeared" in Nepal. She has publicised the abuses committed by both sides during the civil war, including the recruitment of children into armed conflict, and worked to press the government to investigate and prosecute those responsible.

Arnold Tsunga has been beaten and threatened at gunpoint as a result of his defense of those who risk their lives to promote human rights in Zimbabwe. He has secured the release of activists held in police detention, stood in court with outspoken government opponents, and spoken out against the abduction, harassment and arbitrary arrests of countless others.

Sam Zia-Zarifi is Washington Advocate at Human Rights Watch

Tiseke Kasambala is Zimbabwe Researcher at Human Rights Watch

Jenny Kuper is a Advisory Board member of the Centre for the Study of Human Rights and Research Fellow in the Department of Law. Dr Kuper has particular expertise in international law relating to children in armed conflict situations, humanitarian law and children's rights and special interest in both Nepal and Zimbabwe.


An audio recording of this event is available to download as: mp3 (14 mb; approx 59 minutes)