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Advancing Inter-disciplinarity in Human Rights Research: Problems and Possibilities

A working conference for research students

Tuesday 20 March 2007, LSE

On 20 March 2007 the Centre for the Study of Human Rights held it's first conference for research students. Twelve PhD candidates from nine academic institutions, five different countries and a range of disciplines presented their work in a series of six workshops held during the day. Each paper was was critiqued by a leading academic commentator and by a very participatory audience. The success of the day reflected the fact that, although challenging, engaging with a research subject from a variety of disciplines to address human rights questions can be a fruitful and important aspect of scholarship in the field. Through fertile discussion, each workshop sought to engage with the opportunities available to each of the papers and thereby to further human rights scholarship in that area.

'This was a day when postgraduate research in the subject of human rights seemed to come truly alive, reaching out of various disciplines to connect on the common ground of a set of shared and progressive values.' Conor Gearty, Centre Director

What the participants and presenters thought

'I left feeling inspired and reassured, having learned a lot from the many papers and discussions.'
Participant, PhD Candidate, Cambridge University

'I appreciated the chance to focus on human rights issues from its myriad of angles - you can't get this in any other 'disciplinary' conferences as human rights is usually on the fringes'.
Presenter, PhD Candidate, LSE

'the workshops were very useful and enriching. They makes me think about my own subject, my own methodology and the academic rigour that is needed to write a thesis.'
Participant, PhD Candidate, University of Ottawa

'a highly rewarding and stimulating day'
Presenter, PhD Candidate, National University of Ireland

'It was very encouraging to chat to other students who are taking an interdisciplinary approach to their Phd as this can be very daunting'
Participant, PhD Candidate, University of Roehampton

Papers and presentations