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Justice, Accountability and Human Rights in India

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In partnership with LSE South Asia Centre and the India Study Group.

Dushyant DaveIndia has faced serious challenges from internal and external armed groups and terrorists. Tens of thousands of citizens and several thousand security personnel have lost their lives in recent years. Reprisals by security forces have in turn led to serious human rights violations. Large scale sectarian violence (such as that which targeted Sikhs in 1984 and Muslims in 2002) has highlighted the serious failure of the Indian state in protecting lives and providing justice to victims.

The absence of accountability in such glaring examples highlights the gross violations of the human values and human rights upon which the post-Independence Indian state was founded. Because of its sheer size, and often because of apathy, the justice system has failed to establish firm roots for protecting the human rights of Indian citizens, especially women, the poor and oppressed, and minority groups. 

Dushyant Dave, a highly regarded and widely known Senior Advocate and President of the Supreme Court Bar Association of India, speaks from his considerable experience about the issues of accountability and justice at stake in India today. His talk will discuss the focused and vigorous campaigns needed across the legislature, executive and judiciary to address serious human rights violations, provide sound systems of redress and ensure strict standards of democratic and legal accountability.  

Chetan Bhatt (chair) is Director of the Centre for the Study of Human Rights and Professor of Sociology

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