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Public Events - 2012

UN International Human Rights Day public event:
Putting Rights Back Together Again
Speaker: Salil Shetty. Chair: Chetan Bhatt
6 December 2012

Student-led research workshop: 500 Days after Ruggie: Achievements, challenges and opportunities in Business and Human Rights
23 November 2012

Cruel Britannia: A Secret History of Torture
Speaker: Ian Cobain
20 November 2012

The Stateless Citizen: Irregular Migration and Cosmopolitan Citizenship
Speaker: Andreas Kalyvas. Discussant: Ayça Çubukçu. Chair: Chetan Bhatt
6 November 2012

Secularism, Human Rights and the Middle East: challenges and reflections
Speaker: Gilbert Achcar. Chair: Chetan Bhatt
23 October 2012

Burma's Rohingya
Speakers: Greg Constantine and Chris Lewa. Chair: Margo Picken
16 July 2012

Tolerance in a Just and Fair Society
10th Anniversary Conference of the Frederick Bonnart-Braunthal Trust
20 June 2012

Held in the Body of the State
Speakers: Colin Dayan, Sharon Shalev
8 May 2012 

The Political Quarterly Annual Lecture
Citizens' Privileges or Human Rights? The Great Bill of Rights Swindle
Speaker: Shami Chakrabarti, Respondent: Francesca Klug
20 March 2012

Speaking Out Against Mass Atrocities
Speaker: Mukesh Kapila
8 March 2012

Terrorism on Film: Propaganda and Profit
Part of the LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival 
Speaker: Tony Shaw
2 March 2012

Are 'human rights' part of the problem in post-Soviet Russia?
Speaker: Mary McAuley
24 February 2012

Dispatches from the Dark Side: On torture and the death of justice
Speaker: Gareth Peirce
16 February 2012