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Public Events - 2011

UN International Human Rights Day event:
Creating International Law: Gender as New Paradigm
Speaker: Professor Catharine MacKinnon
8 December 2011

State violence and the Responsibility to Protect: the role of the international community
Speakers: Dr Chaloka Beyani, Ignacio Llanos, Prof Sir Adam Roberts. 
15 November 2011

Field Notes: Human Rights Watch defenders speak
in partnership with Human Rights Watch UK
Speakers: Hossam Bahgat, Elena Milashina, Heba Morayef, Tanya Lokshina.
9 November 2011

Stolen – Uncovering Child Trafficking in the UK
Film screening and Q&A in partnership with Unchosen and Anti-Slavery International
Speakers: Debbie Beadle, Romana Cacchioli, Colin Carswell 
1 November 2011

Fambul Tok: a film about the power of forgiveness
Film screening and Q&A with Jon Lunn from Fambul Tok International
27 October 2011

The Mau Mau Case: Abuse, Torture and Cover up under British Colonial Rule?Speakers: Professor David Anderson, Mr Daniel Leader.
20 October 2011

Migrants and Intellectual life
Speakers: Sir Harry Kroto, Philippe Sands QC, Mike Phillips, Gita Saghal.
13 July 2011

The Virtues of Violence and the Arts of Terror
Speaker: Professor Chetan Bhatt
23 March 2011

Climate Change needs Climate Justice
Speaker: Mary Robinson
10 March 2011

Representing Atrocity: distant suffering and the politics of pity
Speakers: Professor Lilie Chouliaraki, Professor Stjepan Mestrovic, Dr Irene Bruna Seu
16 February 2011 

A Bill of Rights for the UK? Colin Harvey and Conor Gearty in dialogue
Speakers: Professor Colin Harvey and Professor Conor Gearty
16 February 2011

Cambodia's Case 002: Facing Genocide (film screening and Q&A)
Speaker: Youk Chhang
31 January 2011

Remembering the Other's Others: Political Islam and International Human Rights
Speakers: Karima Bennoune and Gita Saghal
28 January 2011