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Public Events - 2010

Cambodia: Reflections of the Khmer Rouge
An exhibition presented by the Centre for the Study of Human Rights and the Documentation Center of Cambodia
1 November - 10 December 2010, Atrium Gallery, Old Building, LSE

European democracies and human rights: from present failures to future protection
UN International Human Rights Day Lecture
Speaker: Thomas Hammarberg; Chair: Professor Chetan Bhatt
9 December 2010

Impunity in Cambodia
Speakers: Brad Adams, Margo Picken, Simon Taylor; Chair: Dr Chaloka Beyani
18 November 2010

Field Notes: Human rights defenders speak
In partnership with Human Rights Watch UK
10 November 2010

Seeking Justice For Crimes Against Humanity: The case of Argentina
Speaker: Judge Sergio Gabriel Torres; Chair: Professor Chetan Bhatt
4 November 2010

Silencing the Classroom: Persecuted academics share their experiences
LSE Scholars at Risk in partnership with the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics
Speakers: Mina Al Lami; Dr Marwan Naser; Dr Shumba Nephat
Chair: Dr Margot E. Salomon
19 October 2010

The Idea of Human Rights and Foreign Policy
in collaboration with the UCL Institute for Human Rights and King's College London
Speakers: Dr Katrin Flikschuh; Professor Henry Shue; Professor Charles Beitz; Professor Joseph Raz; Professor David Held; Professor John Tasioulas and chaired by: Professor Leif Wenar
15 June 2010

Speaking Out: Academic Freedom in the 21st Century
LSE Scholars at Risk Scheme in partnership with the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics
23 March 2010

Anniversary: An act of memory - part of the LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival
Recitations from individual and collective memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
13 February 2010