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Public Events - 2005

Human Rights Day Balloon Debate: who is the greatest of the 20th century?
Shami Chakrabarti, Jonathan Cooper, Professor Conor Gearty, Professor Francesca Klug, Andrew Puddephatt, Professor Peter Townsend
December 2005

Human Rights and Non-judicial Remedies - The European Ombudsman's Perspective Professor Nikiforos Diamandouros
November 2005

Fieldnotes: human rights defenders speak (in conjunction with Human Rights Watch UK)
Habib Rahiab; Maitre Honore Musoko; Natalia Zhukova
November 2005

Can Human Rights Survive? The Crisis of Authority Hamlyn Lecture series
Professor Conor Gearty
November 2005

Respect for human rights is essential to economic development
Phil Bloomer, His Excellency Mr Isaac Osei, Alex Singleton, Professor Shujie Yao
October 2005

A New International Legal Order?: The challenge for International Law post 9/11
Phil Shiner, Rabinder Singh QC
October 2005

Equity, protection and the incitement to religious hatred
Dr Derek McGhee
May 2005

Torture: the ultimate abuse of human rights?
Alain Aeschlimann, Victoria Brittain, Professor Chris Brown, Sir Nigel Rodley
May 2005

Britain in 2005 - is there any access to justice for asylum seekers and migrants? Maurice Wren; Sarah Cutler; Richard Stanton
April 2005

Staging human rights in prison
Professor Paul Heritage, Queen Mary, University of London
March 2005

Equality and human rights: sibling companions or false friends?
Trevor Phillips, Chair, Commission for Racial Equality
March 2005

Human rights under attack
David Lammy MP
February 2005

Britain's proposed new equality and human rights commission
Professor Francesca Klug
February 2005

Reducing poverty: how human rights can help
Pierre Sané, UNESCO
January 2005