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Public Events - 2002

Protecting Human Rights in an anti-terrorist world
Hina Jilani, UN Special Representative for Human Rights Defenders
December 2002

Seminar by Noam Chomsky
December 2002

World Poverty: New Policies to Defeat an Old Enemy
Peter Townsend; David Gordon; Nazneen Kanji
November 2002

Parliament and Human Rights in the UK: Two Years On
Jean Corston, MP; David Feldman; Francesca Klug
November 2002

From Rhetoric to Reality: making human rights work
Mary Robinson, former UN High Commissioner on Human Rights
October 2002

Human rights in the UK: from political aspirations to binding legal norms
Professor David Feldman, Legal Advisor to HOP Joint Committee on Human Rights
October 2002

Field Notes: An exploration of the methodology of human rights monitors
in conjunction with Human Rights Watch UK
Chair: Professor Conor Gearty, Director of the Centre for the Study of Human Rights
October 2002

Discourses of truth, trauma and reconciliation in post-conflict societies: psychologising the Nation
Brandon Hamber
October 2002

The Return of the Native: A Critique of the Indigenous Rights Movement
Speaker: Professor Adam Kuper, Brunel University Chair: Professor Stan Cohen, LSE
June 2002

Gender Equality and Multiculturalism: Competing Equality Claims?
Professor Anne Phillips
May 2002

The Law of War in the Age of Terror
Panel discussion, moderated by Robin Lustig, BBC Radio and chaired by Professor Fred Halliday
May 2002

Sex Equality, Entitlements, and the Capabilities Approach
Martha Nussbaum, Professor of Law and Ethics, University of Chicago Law School
March 2002

Discordant notes: the problem of war crimes trials
Speaker: Mr Gerry Simpson, LSE
Chair: Professor Christine Chinkin, LSE
February 2002

Human rights and cultural relativism
Speaker: Professor Steven Lukes
Chair: Professor Stan Cohen, LSE
January 2002