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11 September: Human Rights Dimensions

Human rights symposium
Speakers: Professor Christine Chinkin, Professor Roger Silverstone, Dr Kate Malleson, Professor Fred Halliday
Chair: Professor Peter Townsend
November 2001

The events of 11 September, and their global and many-layered consequences, pose great challenges to the international system of human rights: raising as much issues in the legitimacy of war, by states and non-state actors alike, as questions of domestic and immigration rights policy, they also threaten to reinforce that trend towards questioning of universal rights, from conservative and culturally relativist perspectives, that pre-dates this crisis. The global liberal agenda, already facing contestation before 11 September, now appears even more in jeopardy.

There is no single 'human rights' response to this crisis: rather, each element in the human rights regime, and each state and NGO involved, is in different ways challenged by it. The Centre for the Study of Human Rights has chosen to make discussion of 11 September the focus of its major public programme this term. Four LSE academics will address the issues most pertinent to their work: Professor Christine Chinkin, the gendered dimensions of the crisis; Dr Kate Malleson the implications for domestic legislation; Professor Roger Silverstone the media; Professor Fred Halliday the challenges to international relations and global governance.