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Articles and transcripts

This page contains links to articles written by Centre staff, associates and MSc Human Rights students, and transcripts and reports of events hosted by the Centre. Note - Not all staff publications are listed here. If you are interested in the publications of a particular person, please visit their staff page. Who's who 



The End of Impunity for Violence against Women? The Istanbul Convention in Europe, presented at public event, 7 March 2013 Event listing and link to audio recording


The Responsibility to Protect: Libya and the Problem of Transnational Solidarity in Journal of Human Rights Volume 12, Issue 1, 2013 Special Issue: Humanitarianism and Responsibility



'UK rejection of the ECHR's ruling on prisoners' votes would be devastating' in Comment is free,  22 November 2012



'Complementarity as Politics' St. John's Journal for International and Comparative Law, Volume 2 Issue 2 (2012)


Commentary to the Maastricht Principles on Extraterritorial Obligations of States in the area of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in 34 Human Rights Quarterly 4 (2012).




What one sees and how one files seeing: reporting atrocity and suffering’, Sociology vol. 46 no. 5  (2012)


Human Rights and the Transformations of War’, Sociology  vol. 46 no. 5 (2012)



The Right To Help Each Other (the one they missed...) on Open Democracy, July 2012



Who’ll pay reparations on my soul? Compensation, social control and social suffering’, Social and Legal Studies, 21/2



'Why Should it Matter that Others Have More? - Poverty, Inequality and the Potential of International Human Rights Law', Proceedings of the Oxford University Conference on International Law and Global Justice, Review of International Studies (2011)


The Human Rights Act, the courts and parliamentary sovereignty Letter to the Times, 24 October 2011


European Court and 'minor' cases;
Letters to the Times, 15 September 2011

'Reforming human rights in Europe', letter to the Guardian, 29 August 2011.


'A bill of rights won't free us: People around the world regard voting as fundamental - so why the posturing in parliament?', The Guardian newspaper (comment section) and Guardian online, 12 February 2011.







Ms Elda Moreno





Dr Ayça Çubukçu









Amy Ruth Williams




Laura Clarke (MSc Human Rights student 2012/13)



Olivier De Schutter, Asbjørn Eide, Ashfaq Khalfan, Marcos Orellana, Margot Salomon, & Ian Seiderman




Dr Claire Moon




Professor Chetan Bhatt



Thomas Gaisford (MSc Human Rights Alumnus)




Dr Claire Moon







Dr Margot E. Salomon







Francesca Klug and Helen Wildbore 



Professor Francesca Klug, with others


Professor Francesca Klug



Professor Francesca Klug




Human Rights Based Approach to Development and People's Empowerment through Participatory Governance: A Critical Examination of Panchayati Raj Institutions in India, August 2010



'The Ethics of Foreign Investment: Agricultural land in Africa', The Majalla, 4 August 2010

Vineet Kappoor (Visiting Fellow 2008-09)






Dr Margot E. Salomon

Common Sense: Reflections on the Human Rights Act, Liberty, June 2010 

Professor Francesca Klug (with Shami Chakrabarti, Helena Kennedy, Monica McWilliams and Alan Miller)

'Why has the Left become so illiberal?', OpenDemocracy, June 2010



'The human rights struggle is both a political and a legal one', Irish Times, Page 22, 26 April 2010


'Human values, not tabloid values', OpenDemocracy, March 2010:

Professor Francesca Klug




Donncha O'Connell




Professor Francesca Klug


Global Economic Policy and Human Rights: Three Sites of Disconnection, Carnegie Council, 25 March, 2010

Dr Margot E. Salomon

Inaugural Editorial of the Irish Human Rights Law Review, March 2010

Donncha O'Connell

Blogging the Bill of Rights, fortnightly series on The Guardian's Comment is Free site in which Francesca Klug discusses the background and context to current political debates on the future of the Human Rights Act and a bill of rights.

Professor Francesca Klug 


Public Intellectuals in Times of Crisis: What do they have to offer?, Symposium organised by the RIA Committee for Social Sciences, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, 27th November, 2009 Donncha O'Connell
Narcophobia: drugs prohibition and the generation of human rights abuses, published in Trends in Organized Crime,  Springer NY, December 2009. (Based on an MSc Human Rights Dissertation) Fernanda Mena (MSc Human Rights student) and Professor Dick Hobbs
Promoting and Protecting Human Rights in the UK, paper delivered at University of Westminster Law School on International Human Rights Day, 10 December 2009 Professor Francesca Klug

Human Rights in the new millennium Centre for the Study of Human Rights public lecture, LSE, 29 October 2009. Link to event details and audio and video recordings)


'Wrong-headed calls for a 'bill of rights'', article published on The Guardian's Comment Is Free, 7 October 2009. 
, 7 October 2009. 

Letter to The Guardian on the Conservatives and the Human Rights Act, 6 October 2009.
on the Conservatives and the Human Rights Act, 6 October 2009.

Professor Noam Chomsky





Professor Francesca Klug 




Professor Francesca Klug  


Strengthening the effectiveness of international assistance and cooperation in combating poverty, delivered at the UN Social Forum, Palais des Nations (UN), Geneva, 31 Aug - 2 Sept 2009 Dr Margot E. Salomon
Solidity or Wind?' What's on the Menu in the Bill of Rights Debate? Political Quarterly, Autumn 2009Winner of the Political Quarterly Bernard Crick Prize for best essay, May 2010 Professor Francesca Klug
Human rights: can we still afford them? Paper delivered at the International Human Rights Funders Group conference, New York, July 2009 Professor Francesca Klug
'A Human Rights Analysis of the G20 Communiqué: Recent Awareness of the "Human Cost" Is Not Quite Enough', Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, 4 May 2009 Sakiko Fukuda-Parr and Margot E. Salomon

Human Rights after Darwin: Is a general theory of human rights now possible? (MSc Human Rights alumni lecture, delivered at LSE, 7 May 2009)


'The rights of the Human Rights Act', article published on The Guardian's Comment Is Free, 25 March 2009. , 25 March 2009.


Professor Conor Gearty





Professor Francesca Klug

'Protecting rights: how do we stop rights and freedoms being a political football?' by Francesca Klug and Helen Wildbore, published by Unlock Democracy, March 2009 Francesca Klug and Helen Wildbore
'Human rights and speaking out', chapter published in the book A Time to Speak Out (Verso, 2008) Professor Francesca Klug
'Protecting rights: How do we stop rights and freedoms being a political football?', speech delivered at the Convention on Modern Liberty, 28 February 2009. Professor Francesca Klug
"Solidity or Wind?" What's on the menu in the bill of rights debate?, published on Open Democracy Professor Francesca Klug



The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Sixty years on (Lecture delivered at Chatham House, 8 December 2008)


'Civil liberties have yet to alleviate the world's misery', article published in The Guardian, 8 December 2008, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
, 8 December 2008, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

Professor Francesca Klug




Professor Francesca Klug

Human Rights in United Nations Action: Norms, Institutions and Leadership (Centre for the Study of Human Rights / International Humanitarian Law Project event, LSE, 12 November 2008) Judge Navanethem Pillay

'From Rights to Justice: a human rights approach to criminal justice reform' (presentation to the Federal Criminal Justice Forum, Canberra, September 2008)

Dr Tessa Boyd-Caine
Transforming culture? principle vs instrumental engagement with human rights'  26 September 2008 Dr Tessa Boyd-Caine
'Rights and Responsibilities: an international perspective', paper presented at Chatham House, responding to Justice Kate O'Regan, 25 June 2008. Professor Francesca Klug
EHRC Open to Question panel debate on Religion, Belief and the Rule of Law, with David Cameron and Trevor Phillips, RSA, 26 February 2008 Professor Francesca Klug
'Bridging the divide' (on local action following the death of migrant men in the Bay of Cadiz) The Tablet, 19 January 2008 Tom Gaisford (MSc Human Rights student)
'Rio Tinto's tainted track record' (Aliran Monthly) 2007, vol. 27. No.10 Josef Roy Benedict (MSc Human Rights student)


The Great Lakes Process: new opportunities for protection (Forced Migration Review, December 2007) Jesse Bernstein (MSc Human Rights student)
Iraq and the Law: what went wrong? (lecture at LSE on 14 November 2007) Rabinder Singh QC
Dilemmas of Terror (Prospect Magazine October 2007) link to Prospect Magazine Professor Conor Gearty
International Economic Governance and Human Rights Accountability (LSE Law Department's Law, Society and Economy  Working Paper Series September 2007) Dr Margot E. Salomon
Animal Rights and Animal Experiments: an interest-based approach (Res Publica, 2007) Dr Alasdair Cochrane
The Future: a constitutional settlement for modern Britain? (presented at a Smith Institute/Hansard Society seminar on 11 July 2007) Professor Francesca Klug
The Blair Report (article on freedom of expression over the past 10 years, published in Index on Censorship 2, 2007) Professor Conor Gearty
Freedom of Expression must include the license to offend (article published in 'Religion and Human Rights: An International Journal', Volume 1, Issue 3, 2007) Professor Francesca Klug
A Bill of Rights: what for? (PDF), (essay published in 'Towards a New Constitutional Settlement', The Smith Institute, 2007) Professor Francesca Klug
Do war crime trials do more harm than good? (lecture at LSE on 3 May 2007) Professor Richard Goldstone, Dr Leslie Vinjamuri
Why Human Rights? (PDF) (article in the May-June 2007 issue of Catalyst) Professor Francesca Klug
A Bill of Rights: Do We Need One or Do we Already Have One? (PDF), Irvine Human Rights Lecture 2007, University of Durham, 2 March 2007 Professor Francesca Klug



Arresting New Labour: Lord Levy and the police (PDF) (article for The Tablet, July 2006) Professor Conor Gearty
Enshrine these rights (comment in the Guardian, 27 June 2006) (link no longer available) Professor Francesca Klug
Start the week (human rights and free expression), BBC Radio 4, 5 June 2006 Professor Francesca Klug
Joint letter to Lord Falconer, concerning the Human Rights Act (PDF), 31 May 2006 Professor Francesca Klug
Human Rights, Human Security: Protecting Rights in the National Interest (PDF) (Australian Human Rights Centre Annual Public Lecture, 16 May 2006) Professor Conor Gearty
Report on sensory deprivation installation at the Centre (2-11 May 2006) Catherine Meredith
Unreliable evidence (the current state of human rights), BBC Radio 4, 2 May 2006 Professor Francesca Klug
Parliament: a danger to freedom (letter in the Observer, 9 April 2006) (link no longer available) Professor Francesca Klug
Language of fear is difficult to beat (PDF) (interview in the Socialist Lawyer, April 2006) Professor Conor Gearty
Two Sides of the Coin: Human Rights Pragmatism and Idolatry (PDF), (Keynote Address: Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Rights, 24 March 2006) Professor David Kennedy, Harvard Law School
The view from the disciplines (PDF) (contribution to panel discussion: Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Rights, 24 March 2006) Professor Lydia Morris, University of Essex
Crossing the Boundaries: the place of human rights in contemporary scholarship: abstracts and texts from afternoon panel sessions (24 March 2006) Various contributors
Human Rights and Equality: the human rights vision of equality (PDF) (as originally published in Runnymede's Quarterly Bulletin (March 2006, pp. 12-14) and reproduced here with permission) Helen Wildbore
Refusing to serve in Iraq: the human rights dimension (PDF) (article for The Tablet, March 2006) Professor Conor Gearty
The human rights of persons with disabilities: extending freedom to all (roundtable at LSE on 9 March 2006) Anna Lawson, Professor Helen Meenan, Dr Nick O'Brien
Human rights in an age of counter-terrorism (PDF) (lecture delivered as part of the 2006 Oxford Amnesty Lectures, which took as their topic the 'War on Terror'), 23 February 2006 Professor Conor Gearty
Thoughts on the cartoon controversy, (article for The Tablet, February 2006) Professor Conor Gearty
Enlightened values (article for the Guardian, 18 February 2006) (link no longer available) Professor Francesca Klug
Protecting human rights in an age of uncertainty (lecture at LSE on 16 February 2006) Louise Arbour
Trying Saddam and other dictators: the limits of the law (seminar at LSE on 2 February 2006) Kirsten Sellars
Why the human rights and environmental movements should be allies not adversaries (roundtable discussion at LSE on 19 January 2006) Michael Meacher MP, David Wolfe, Professor Conor Gearty
The Changing Basis of Human Rights Law (PDF). Paper delivered at a seminar of the Thomas More Institute, London, in its series 'Conscience, Values and Belief in Public Life' (11 January 2006) Professor Conor Gearty



Human rights balloon debate: who is the greatest of the 20th century?, 8 December 2005 Various
British Institute of Human Rights Brief' (PDF). Report on Values into Action conference, in the British Institute of Human Rights newsletter 'BIHR Brief' (PDF) December 2005 Helen Wildbore
Human rights and non-judicial remedies - The European Ombudsman's perspective, lecture at LSE on 30 November 2005 Nikiforos Diamandouros
It's 1867 all over again (comment in the Guardian, 29 November 2005) (link no longer available) Professor Conor Gearty
Submission to the UN High-Level Task Force on the Right to Development: MDG 8 and Human Rights  (Geneva, 14-18 November 2005) Dr Margot E Salomon
Joint submission to the Equalities Review call for evidence (PDF) Professor Francesca Klug, Helen Wildbore and the British Institute of Human Rights
To work its moral magic, human rights need certainty (article for the Independent, 15 November 2005) Professor Conor Gearty
11 September 2001, Counter-terrorism, and the Human Rights Act (PDF) Journal of Law and Society Volume 32, Number 1, March 2005 Professor Conor Gearty
Can Human Rights Survive? The crisis of authority (Hamlyn lecture at LSE) Professor Conor Gearty
The role of civil society in the national security state: the proper role of the legal profession (PDF) (report on ESRC-sponsored seminar at the Centre, 1 March 2005) Various
Doing the rights thing, Law Gazette (20 October 2005) Professor Francesca Klug (quoted)
Is this the death of freedom? (article for the Observer, 2 October 2005) (link no longer available) Professor Francesca Klug
Keynote speech at 'Time to Act for the human rights of people with learning difficulties' (PDF), Values Into Action annual conference 2005, 7 October 2005 Professor Francesca Klug
Celebrating 5 Years of Human Rights across the UK (PDF) (address at the Human Rights Lawyers Association, 30 September 2005) Professor Francesca Klug
'Children's rights' (PDF), speech at Liberty fringe event at Labour Party Conference, 27 September 2005 Professor Francesca Klug
Towards a just institutional order: a commentary on the first session of the UN task force on the right to development (PDF) (the NQHR can be ordered from Intersentia) Dr Margot E Salomon
Reflections on the attacks in London on 7 July 2005 (PDF) (article for The Tablet, July 2005) Professor Conor Gearty
The role of civil society in the national security state: the role of the media (PDF) (report on ESRC-sponsored seminar at the Centre, 5 July 2005) Various
Protecting Political Speech at a Time of Perpetual War (PDF), Austin Lecture, the Association of Legal and Social Philosophy, 24 June 2005 Professor Conor Gearty
Equality, Dignity and Discrimination under Human Rights Law; selected cases (PDF) (an unpublished paper produced at the request of the DCA for the Steering Group for the Commission for Equality and Human Rights) 23 June 2005 Professor Francesca Klug and Helen Wildbore
Torture: the ultimate abuse of human rights?, panel discussion at LSE on 11 May 2005 Alain Aeschlimann, Victoria Brittain, Professor Chris Brown, Sir Nigel Rodley
Britain in 2005 - is there any access to justice for asylum seekers and migrants? (Report released at Centre-hosted seminar), April 2005 Bail for Immigration Detainees and Asylum Aid
Save the act - you might need it soon (article for the Guardian, 23 March 2005) (link no longer available) Professor Francesca Klug
Human Rights and Victims (PDF) (article in 'Reconcilable Rights? Analysing the tension between victims and defendants', Edited by Ed Cape, LAG, 2004) Professor Francesca Klug
Short cuts: intercept evidence and terrorism trials (article for the London Review of Books) Professor Conor Gearty
Human rights under attack, 24 February 2005 David Lammy MP
Internment and house arrest: recent developments (PDF) (article for The Tablet, February 2005) Professor Conor Gearty
The British Institute of Human Rights Brief Interview with Francesca Klug (PDF), in the 'BIHR Brief', January 2005 Professor Francesca Klug
Reducing poverty: how human rights can help, 20 January 2005 Pierre Sané



'Fairness for all?' An analysis of human rights powers in the White Paper on the proposed Commission for Equality and Human Rights (PDF), Public Law, December 2004 Professor Francesca Klug
Understanding equality: the need for discrimination (PDF) (lecture at the Discrimination Law Association, 13 December 2004) Professor Conor Gearty
Rights behind bars: the conditions and treatment of those in detention, 9 December 2004 Anne Owers
Establishment of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights: implications for the public sector (PDF), speech at Westminster Explained 36: An assessment of the impact of the HRA, 7 December 2004 Professor Francesca Klug
Human Rights, America's lost ideal (PDF) (article for The Tablet, November 2004) Professor Conor Gearty
Doing justice to the dead: reparation and reparations for slavery, 25 November 2004 Lincoln Crawford, David Ould, Dr John Torpey
The African Union, NEPAD, and Human Rights: the missing agenda (PDF) Bronwen Manby
Is the idea of human rights now doing more harm than good? October 2004 Professor Conor Gearty
International Law in 2005 (PDF) (article for The Tablet, September 2004) Professor Conor Gearty
The Holism of Human Rights: linking religion, ethics and public life (PDF) (lecture at Heythrop College, September 2004 Professor Conor Gearty
Getting terrorism in proportion is the way to defeat it: reflections on terrorism on the
third anniversary of the attacks of 11 September 2001
(PDF) (article for The Tablet, September 2004)
Professor Conor Gearty
The politics of abortion (PDF) (article for The Tablet, August 2004) Professor Conor Gearty
Evidence to Joint Committee on Human Rights third inquiry on Commission for Equality and Human Rights (PDF), August 2004 Professor Francesca Klug and Claire O'Brien
A blow for freedom (article for the Guardian, 6 July 2004) (link no longer available) Professor Conor Gearty
Human Rights for Women: liberation or mere rhetoric Helena Kennedy QC
Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Occupied Iraq: current problems and future prospects Professor Conor Gearty, Professor Christopher Greenwood, Professor Françoise Hampson and Professor Philippe Sands
Answering for torture (PDF) (article for The Tablet, 15 May 2004) Professor Conor Gearty
Human Rights: above politics or a creature of politics (PDF) (Policy and Politics Annual Lecture,11 March 2004) Professor Francesca Klug
White Paper: Fairness for All : A New Commission for Equality and Human Rights (PDF) (download the paper) Comment from Professor Francesca Klug
Evidence to Joint Committee on Human Rights second inquiry on Commission for Equality and Human Rights (PDF), May 2004 Professor Francesca Klug and Claire O'Brien
Secrets must be defended in open, (article for the Observer, 29 February 2004) (link no longer available) Professor Conor Gearty
Hutton missed the mark, (article for the Guardian, 24 February 2004) (link no longer available) Professor Conor Gearty
Freedom in Blair's Britain, 17 February 2004 Shami Chakrabarti
'A misreading of the Law', 19 February 2004 London Review of Books (26, no 4 (2004), pp. 3-7) Professor Conor Gearty
Human Rights, Civil Liberties And Democracy: ideas in conflict or in partnership?, 27 January 2004 Professor Conor Gearty; Professor Francesca Klug; Andrew Puddephatt



International Human Rights day lecture, 10 December 2003 Irene Khan
Human Rights - the need to stand strong (PDF), Winter 2003, LSE Magazine Professor Conor Gearty
Equality the Neglected Virtue (PDF), 26 November 2003 (lecture hosted by the LSE Law Department) Rabinder Singh QC
That the Cause of Human Rights is Best Served by a Commitment to Democracy and International Law, 17 November 2003 Professor Conor Gearty
Humans Without Rights: asylum seekers in the 21st century Zrinka Bralo, Professor Stephen Castles, Dr Liza Schuster, Dr Satvinder Juss
Free speech, human rights and western values, 28 October 2003 Dr Matthew Engelke, Ursula Owen, Andrew Puddephatt
Reclaiming Our Tradition: Rights, Diversity and Catholic Social Teaching (PDF), 18 October 2003 Professor Conor Gearty
The European Convention Fifty Years On, 16 October 2003 Professor Brian Simpson
Human Rights and Civil Liberties, The Commission, BBC Radio 4, 17 September 2003 Francesca Klug
The weakness of Al Qaeda Dawn, (article for the Observer, 28 July 2003) (link no longer available) Professor Conor Gearty
Judicial deference under the Human Rights Act 1998 (PDF) (article for the European Human Rights Law Review, March 2003) Professor Francesca Klug
Reflections on Civil Liberties in an age of counter-terrorism (PDF) Professor Conor Gearty
Enforcement of Economic and Social Rights, 27 February 2003 Justice Albie Sachs
How did Blair get here? (article for the London Review of Books, 20 February 2003) Professor Conor Gearty
Human rights and security - The Two Towers? (PDF), 11 February 2003 Dr Gerd Oberleitner
Terrorism, Morality and Human Rights, 20 January 2003 (lecture hosted by the Centre for the Study of Human Rights) Professor Conor Gearty and Rabinder Singh QC



The United Kingdom Experience (PDF) (Comparative Perspectives on Bills of Rights, National Museum of Australia, 18 December 2002) Francesca Klug
Human rights in an age of globalisation: the challenge of growing up (PDF), 10 December 2002 Professor Conor Gearty
Cry Freedom The Guardian, 3 December 2002(link no longer available) Professor Conor Gearty
Parliament and the Human Rights Act: two years on Jean Corston, Professor David Feldman, Francesca Klug
War and Peace, Thinking Allowed, BBC Radio 4, 30 October 2002 Professor Conor Gearty
From Rhetoric to Reality: making human rights work, 23 October 2002 Mary Robinson
How we declare war (article for the London Review of Books, 2 October 2002 Professor Conor Gearty
A law fit for a prince (article for the Guardian, 3 October 2002) (link no longer available) Francesca Klug
The Law of War in an Age of Terror, 16 May 2002 (lecture hosted by the Centre for the Study of Human Rights) Panel of speakers
Sex Equality, Entitlements, and the Capabilities Approach, March 2002 Professor Martha Nussbaum



Asylum and Refugee Rights: 50 years on (Word), June 2001 Rachael Reilly
Human Rights: Cause of, or cure for, the 'moral crisis' in liberal democracies? (PDF), May 2001 Francesca Klug
Preventing deadly conflict: The role and responsibility of governments and NGOs (PDF), February 2001 Hon Gareth Evans AO QC



International criminal justice: Is it really so needed in the present world community? (Word), November 2000 Antonio Cassese


Human rights, the prevention of conflict and the international protection of minorities: a contemporary paradigm for contemporary challenges (PDF), October 1999 Max van der Stoel