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Centre for the Study of Human Rights
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About the centre

The Centre for the Study of Human Rights at LSE is a trans-disciplinary centre of excellence for international academic research, teaching and critical scholarship on human rights. The Centre is a place that attracts world-class academics and outstanding scholars, and one that has been home to highly-qualified and committed students from across the world and from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. The Centre is a place for academics, policy-makers and practitioners to engage with robust academic research that strengthens knowledge, analysis and understanding of contemporary human rights issues, including social, economic and political issues related to human rights.

The Centre currently engages in research related to global poverty and international human rights law, critical approaches to international law, atrocities and suffering, human rights in the UK and Europe, warfare and military transformations, human rights in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, human rights and non-state actors, development and human rights, cosmopolitanism and the politics of solidarity, and philosophies of violence. The Centre generates sharp, stimulating debates, advances research and intellectual agendas about human rights and seeks to inform ethical and policy debates about human rights in the UK, Europe and globally. The Centre gives space to human rights issues that are little-explored, that may be unconventional, experimental or challenging, and which arise from diverse disciplinary traditions. The Centre is committed to ethically-informed public engagement, including with human rights communities world-wide.


'The Centre is ideally situated to act as an educational and scholarly bridge, connecting the aspirations of the human rights community and of human rights activists with the worlds of academe, of economics, politics and of business.'

Mary Robinson, Former UN High Commissioner on Human Rights