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About the LSE website

The LSE website has been designed to make finding information quick and easy. However, if you find that you're having difficulty, please use the tips below.

You can submit feedback about individual pages, or the website as a whole, by following the 'Comment on this page' link which appears in the footer of most pages. The feedback you submit will be sent directly to the person or unit responsible for the relevant page.

To find someone:

  • For the contact details of all LSE staff, see the Telephone Directory (includes email addresses)
  • For information on academics, including media expertise, see Experts
  • For a list of frequently used contacts, see Contacts

To find something:

To find a department:

  • For all academic, administrative and other units, see Departments

To find LSE or an LSE building:

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If you are having trouble accessing the site or still can't find what you need, try the LSE website frequently asked questions|.