Dr Chun Lin

Chun Lin

Associate Professor in Comparative Politics

Email: c.lin@lse.ac.uk|

Office: CON3.10, Connaught House

Office Hours: Tuesday 1:30-3:30pm.
Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7197



Dr C Lin received a doctorate from the University of Cambridge in History and Political Science in 1989 having previously worked in China’s major think tanksthe Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Before joining the Department of Government, LSE in 1995 she held teaching/research positions inat several US universities and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. She was also Visiting Professor at NYU. She is on the Executive Committee of China Quarterly and co-edits Palgrave's book series China in Transformation.

Research Interests

  • Modern Chinese and Asian politics, culture and political economy
  • Historical sociology and comparative developments
  • Communist and postcommunist studies
  • Critical social theory: Marxism, democracy, feminism, basic income and the future of work

Teaching Responsibilities

  • GV245. Democracy and Democratisation
  • GV248. Power and Politics in the Modern World
  • GV427. Democracy in South and East Asia
  • GV432.: Government and Politics in China

Featured Books

China and Global Capitalism: Reflections on Marxism, History, and Contemporary Politics (Palgrave, 2013)

China and Global Capitalism 

  • “A ringing political manifesto for a reinvigorated socialism” – Lisa Rofel
  • “Eye-opening… empowered by the author’s theoretical sophistication and political engagement” - Arif Dirlik
  • “Brilliant… Her succinct and incisive analysis offers a much-needed perspective for understanding China and theoretical discussions of global capitalism.” - Wang Hui
  • “This is a profound, provocative, and truly inspirational book… a brilliant and groundbreaking contribution" – Yuezhi Zha
The transformation of Chinese Socialism Duke (University Press, 2006)


  • “By far the best discussion of socialism in China available in English” (Arif Dirlik, The China Review)
  • “The best book on contemporary China in many years” (Bruce Cumings, China Beat)
  • “Probably the best and certainly the most intellectually stimulating book written on the reform era” (Maurice Meisner, The Progressive)
  • "Rich and complex… [the book] does contribute significantly to the ongoing debates and controversies about the future of China"” (Thomas Bernstein, The China Journal)    
  • “Always stimulating, …demands serious response from a generally much less adventurous western scholarship” (John Gittings, Pacific Affairs)
The British New Left (Edinburgh University Press, 1993)

The British New Left 

  • “A tour-de-force of scholarship” (Bernard Crick)
  • “Very ably analysed… [one] must needs stand in awe of her achievement” (Angus Calder, Political Quarterly)
  • “Astonishing and exemplary… splendid” (Fred Inglis, New Left Review)
  • “Important contribution… will become the standard work on a movement” (Peter Scott, New Statesman & Society)
  • “Serious work of scholarship… rewarding” (Dorothy Thompson, New Left Review)

Recent and Selected Publications


China and Global Capitalism: Reflections on Marxism, History, and Contemporary Politics, Polgrave, 2013

The Transformation of Chinese Socialism, Duke University Press, 2006; 2nd print 2007 (Spanish translation: Spanish translation: La Transformacion del Socialismo Chino, Barcelona: El Viejo Topo, 2008)

The British New Left, Edinburgh University Press, 1993 (Japanese translation: Tokyo: Sairyusha, 1999)


Reflections on China’s Reform Trajectory, Beijing: Social Science Academic Publisher, 2008 (in Chinese)

Edited anthologies, Ashgate 2000:

  • China I: Modernizing Chinese Polity
  • China II: The Transformation of Chinese Socialism
  • China III: Defining a Changing China in Global Politics

Was Mao Really a Monster? The Academic Response to Mao: The Unknown Story (eds. with Gregor Benton), Routledge, 2009

Women: The Longest Revolution (eds. with Li and Tan), Beijing: Sanlian Publishing House, 1997 (in Chinese)


“The language of class in China”, forthcoming in the Socialist Register 2015, London: Merlin 

“Modernity and the violence of global accumulation: the case of ethnic question in China”, forthcoming in Breno Bringel and Mauricio Domingues, eds. Contestations of Global Modernity, London: Sage, 2015 

“Rethinking land reform: comparative lessons from China and India”, forthcoming in Mahmood Mamdani, ed. Peasants and Pastoralists in the Marketplace: Perspectives from Africa and Asia, 2014

 "An argument for 'participatory socialism'", in Cao and Zhong, eds, Culture and Transformation: Theoretical Framework and Chinese Context, Brill, 2014 

“Marxism and the politics of positioning China in world history”, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 13:3, 2012

“Socialist China model or capitalism with Chinese characteristics?”, Hong Kong: Sunny Research Advance, 2011-28, April 2011

“The Chinese revolution and the modern Chinese identity” and “comments on MacFarquhar and Gong”, in Cao, et al. eds. Culture and Social Transformation in Reform Era China, Brill, 2010

“The socialist market economy: step forward or backward for China?” Science & Society, 73:2, April 2009

“Challenging privatization: a conceptual and theoretical argument”, Journal of Chinese Political Science, 14:1, 2009

“Against privatization in China: a historical and empirical argument”, Journal of Chinese Political Science, 13:1, 2008