Professor Kate Jenkins

 Kate Jenkins

Vice Chair of the LSE Court of Governors
Visiting Professor in the Government Department



Kate Jenkins has wide experience of leading major strategic change in the public and private sectors in the UK and abroad. She has advised many governments at President and Prime Minister level including the UK Government and the Federal Governments in Brazil and Mexico. She has been a member of the NHS National Policy Board, a Commissioner at the Audit Commission, and led strategic development for the Chief Executive of British Airways.

As Director of the Prime Minister’s Efficiency Unit in the 1980s she wrote the seminal report on Management in Government which led to the reorganising of the Civil Service into Executive Agencies, a model copied around the world.

She is currently a director of Carrenza Ltd, an internet cloud service provider and Chairman of Carrenza Consulting Ltd, a specialist IT consultancy. She is a Visiting Professor in the Government Department at the London School of Economics. She is Vice Chairman of the Council and the Court of Governors at the LSE, and a member of the Board and Council of the Overseas Development Institute.

She has published ‘Governance and Nationbuilding’ ( Elgar, 2006) a study of international intervention in the government of developing countries, and ‘Politicians and Public Services’ (Elgar 2008) a study of conflicting interests in the management of public institutions.