Fabrizio Scrollini

Fabrizio Scrollini is a PhD candidate at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Chairman of DATA, an Uruguayan based NGO working on transparency, open data and human development. As an academic Fabrizio is interested in accountability institutions, access to information,transparency and open data.  

As a practitioner Fabrizio worked as an advisor  for several organizations in Latin America and Eastern Europe focusing on transparency and state sector reform. Previously Fabrizio earned a Master of Public Policy at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and briefly practiced as a lawyer in his native Uruguay.


Transparency Arenas: Exploring  access to information in Chile, New Zealand and Uruguay

Access to public information laws are now spreading around the world hailing a new era of democratic and transparent governance. This research ask a simple question : How does access to information work in different governance settings? By exploring three different models of access to information regimes this research develops a framework to understand how access to information works. This research notes that bargaining process to approve the law and the state tradition in place create different arenas where public transparency is debated.

Supervisor: Dr Francisco Panizza|

Research interests

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Access to information
  • Open data, technology
  • State sector reform
  • Public management


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Scrollini F Accountability and Open Government in Uruguay: the need for a Freedom of Information Law, Open Government: a journal on freedom of information


Website: maresdelsur.wordpress.com
|Twitter:  @fscrollini|
Email: F.A.Scrollini@lse.ac.uk|


Fabrizio Scrollini