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Comparative Politics research students


Kate Alexander

Supervisor: Dr Jonathan Hopkin
Contact:  K.I.Alexander@lse.ac.uk

Portrait photo of Jann Boeddeling

Jann Boeddeling

Thesis title: Creative Practice and Hegemonised Thought - a Critical Mobilisation Studies Perspective on the 2011 Egyptian Revolution

Supervisors: Dr John Chalcraft
Contact: J.Boeddeling@lse.ac.uk

Gisela Calderon Gongora

Gisela Calderon-Gongora

Thesis title: Neighbours, Citizens and Partisans between Democratic and Authoritarian Enclaves: Party Politics and Institutional Schemes of Citizen Participation in Mexico City and State of Mexico.

Supervisor: Professor George Philip
Contact: G.Calderon-Gongora@lse.ac.uk


Sara Maria Correia

Supervisor: Dr John Hutchinson, Dr Denisa Kostovicova
Contact:  S.M.Correia@lse.ac.uk


Phillip Decker

Supervisor: Professor John Breuilly, Dr John Hutchinson
Contact: P.Decker@lse.ac.uk

Portrait photo of Jared Finnegan

Jared J. Finnegan

Thesis Title: The political economy of climate action

Supervisor: David Soskice, Joachim Wehner, Kai Spiekermann
Contact: j.finnegan@lse.ac.uk

Corey Jentry

Corey Jentry

Thesis title: The Troubles Studying The Troubles: Academic Discipline Or A Policy Community?

Supervisor: Dr Bill Kissane


Wei Ling Diane Lek

Thesis title: Chinese rural old age security in comparative perspective

Supervisor: Dr Chun Lin

Meor Alif M. Azalan

Meor Alif M. Azalan

Thesis title: The Orang Putih’s Counter-insurgency; a re-examination of the British counter-insurgency campaign during the Malayan Emergency

Supervisor: Professor James Hughes
Contact: M.A.Meor-Azalan@lse.ac.uk


Moritz Schmoll

Supervisor: Dr Steffen Hertog

Portrait photo of Desiree-Shayer-McLeod

Desiree Shayer-McLeod

Thesis title: Why Don’t They Fight? The Emergence and Persistence of Nonviolent Secessionist MovementsIn the North and Horn of Africa

Supervisor: Professor James Hughes
Contact: m.d.shayer-mcleod@lse.ac.uk

Pon Souvannaseng

Pon Souvannaseng

Thesis title: 'Losing Ground': Contemporary Development & Economic State-Building in Lao PDR

Supervisor: Dr Chun Lin
Contact: P.Souvannaseng@lse.ac.uk