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Nicole Boyce, MBPsS,  BSc Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology (University of Surrey), MSc Social Psychology (London School of Economics)

Nicole Boyce joined the Government Department in 1996 having previously worked in various administrative positions in other academic units in the LSE. She has also worked as a Senior Information Officer within the NHS in London and Mid-Sussex.

Research Interests

  • Human Rights
  • Women’s Human Rights
  • The Sociology of Human Rights
  • The Work of NGOs in India and the UK
  • Feminist Political Theory

PhD candidate at the University of Surrey, Sociology and Politics Departments.   PhD thesis title: ' A Comparative Study of Representations and the Deployment of Human Rights Framework by NGOs in West Bengal: a focus on agency and women’s human rights'. (Submitted - Viva in February 2015, passed with minor revisions)

Current Administrative Responsibilities

  • Departmental Manager (Planning, Resources and Operations), Government Department, London School of Economics 
  • Manager, British Government @ LSE
  • Co-chair of Academic Managers' Forum
  • Member of the Website Review Project Board 
  • Member of the Service Leaders' Forum
  • Enrolled on LSE's Leadership Development Programme