Professor Katrin Flikschuh


Professor of Political Theory

Office: CON 6.08, Connaught House
Office Hours: On leave 2016/17
Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7210


Katrin Flikschuh has a BA in Politics (Essex), and MA in African Politics (London) and a PhD in Philosophy. She joined the LSE Government Department in 2003, having previously held positions in philosophy at the University of Essex and the University of Bristol, and in political theory at the University of Manchester. She has travelled extensively in West Africa and is currently Principal Investigator of a Leverhulme Trust International Networks Project that explores connections between African and Western social and political thought.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • On leave 2016/17

Research Interests

  • Kant
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • History of Political Thought
  • Modern African Philosophy

Current Research Students

 Jakob Huber

Robert Schuetze

Featured Book

KantKant and Modern Political Philosophy
(CUP 2000 – paperback edition 2008)

In this book Katrin Flikschuh examines the relevance of Kant's political thought to major issues and problems in contemporary political philosophy. She argues that Kant's philosophy of Right endorses the role of metaphysics in political thinking, in contrast to its generally hostile reception in the field today, and that his account of political obligation is cosmopolitan in its inception, assigning priority to the global rather than the domestic context. Her study will be of interest to political philosophers, political theorists, and historians of ideas.   


What is Orientation in Global Thinking? A Kantian Inquiry (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2017) In Press.

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