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Academic Visitors and Hosting Post-Docs

We would be delighted to welcome applications for hosting post-docs and from those who wish to be considered for Academic Visitor status. Academic Visitor status is intended to apply to scholars who have already published work of distinction.

Academic Visitor Status: guidelines on our application process:

In order to be considered for Academic Visitor status, you must first find an academic within the Government Department who will support and sponsor your application. We cannot consider your application unless you are successful in finding an academic within the Department to support and sponsor you.

Please send a current copy of your curriculum vitae and a brief synopsis detailing your research interests, your reasons for applying to the LSE, and the dates you would like to be at the LSE, to the academic of your choice. If you are successful in finding an academic to sponsor your application, the Department will then consider your application at its termly Departmental Meeting and, if approved, forward it to the LSE’s Committees for further consideration.

Please note that this process may take several months. The Human Resources Department will notify you if your application has been successful. All Academic Visitors to the Department must be self-funded; the Department does not offer any remuneration.

Please direct any queries to gov.office@lse.ac.uk, or phone +44 (0)20 7955 7908.

Please see the Government Staff page  for a list of our current Academic Visitors >>

Hosting Post-Docs

If you would like the Government Department to host your post-doc, please contact the Head of Department, Professor Chandran Kukathas (C.Kukathas@lse.ac.uk) in the first instance and provide details of the name of your intended or actual award, the duration of post-doc, and the expectation of what the Department would need to provide.  If possible, please attach your award application to the email.