Political Behaviour

The Political Behaviour Group brings together a diverse group of faculty and students from across the LSE to share research on topics related to public opinion, voting and elections, political communication, civic participation, and political psychology. Drawing on varied methodological perspectives and disciplinary traditions, and engaging researchers from other LSE departments (including Media and Communications, Methodology, Psychological and Behavioural Science), the group holds a weekly lunchtime research seminar throughout the academic year and hosts visiting scholars from across the UK and abroad.

Faculty members from the Political Behaviour Group are world leading experts in their field, regularly appear on national and international media, have been awarded numerous competitive research grants and fellowships from national and international funding bodies, and teach across the Government Department's various BSc and MSc programmes.

The political Behaviour Seminar is supported by the Government Department and is open to all members of the LSE community.

Upcoming Events

Political Behaviour Seminar Series

Lent Term

Mondays, 12.30 - 13.30, departmental seminar room (CON 3.20)

9 January 2017

Damien Bol (King's College London)
"When do voters regret their choice? What does it tell us about their instrumental and expressive motives?" 

16 January 2017
Patrícia Calza (University of Konstanz)
"Co-sponsorship and Accountability in European Democracies: The cases of Austria and Portugal"

23 January 2017
Shaku Banaji (LSE-Media and Communications)
"Active citizens in Selfie-land: towards a typology of youth participation in the 21st Century"

30 January 2017
Ken Benoit (LSE-Methodology)
"Measuring and Explaining Political Sophistication Through Textual Complexity"

6 February 2017
Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey (LSE-Government)
"Do Actions Speak Louder than Words? Nonverbal Communication in Parliamentary Oversight Committee Hearings"

13 February 2017
Lawrence Ezrow (University of Essex)
"Follow the (Foreign) Leader"

20 February 2017
Emma O'Dwyer (Kingston University London)
'What can social psychology contribute to the understanding of foreign policy?'

27 February 2017
Nick Anstead (LSE-Media and Communications) 
'Data, democracy and political communication: the case of the 2015 UK general election'

6 March 2017
Jack Blumenau (LSE-Methodology)
'Do e-petitions work? Observational and experimental evidence from the House of Commons'

13 March 2017
Danielle Martin (LSE-European Institute)
'Ambiguity and Vote Choice in Multiparty Systems'

20 March 2017
James Tilley (Oxford)
“The New Politics of Class: The Political Exclusion of the British Working Class”
Note: Seminar on 20 March runs from 12:00-13:30.

Michaelmas Term

Mondays, 12.30 - 13.30, departmental seminar room (CON 3.20)

26 September 2016

Benjamin Toff (Oxford/Minnesota)
'Social and Elite Influences on Partisan Conformity'

3 October 2016
Catherine de Vries (Oxford)

10 October 2016
Thomas Leeper/Sara Hobolt (LSE Government)

17 October 2016
John Carey (Dartmouth)

24 October 2016
Nicola Mastrorocco (LSE Government)

31 October 2016
Øyvind Skorge (LSE Government)

7 November 2016
Ben Lauderdale (LSE Methodology)
'The 2016 Presidential Election: A Preview'

14 November 2016
Ryan Jablonski (LSE Government)

21 November 2016
Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington (LSE Psychology)

28 November 2016
Chris Wratil (LSE EI)

5 December 2016
Joachim Wehner (LSE Government)